Jacksonville, im here! lol

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  1. guys, well last night i got here after 811 miles of fucking driving, i just chilled last night in this HUGE MANSION! and this morning when i woke up i decided to go "exploring" lol, after search ofthe entire house, i am now proud owner of 6 vicodens 4 bigger percosets and 2 smaller ones lol. i havent decided how many and when to take them lol, but i found these pills, and i already bought a half o of bud which is down toabout 8 grams now. lol, this House is jst unbelieveable, im about to smoke and get in the hot tub....OH!!! did i mention the hot tub was in the living room? WTF?!?! i kid u not!

    this house is sooo extravegent, lol. any tokers in or around here wanna toke up, shoot me a PM. lol, peace
  2. :eek:

    In the living room...??!! Defenately not my first choice :D Hell, I wish I had the room to fit a hot tub in my house.....:rolleyes:
  3. Well i couldnt help it and just ate 2 BPI 197 or somen like that, i cant remember what they said now cause im high, and three M357s, the shitty viks, lol, BUt i hope it does the trick cause painpills are pretty useless to me

    well, its not the living room, but its like, a niceeee looking rock type patio floor type thing, aout 3 feet from all sides and then its carpeted and there s like a huge entertainment center, couches, a bar and other stuff in this huge room in the middle ofthere house,

    OH, and its sunken in.
  4. I don't know were jacksonville is, but I'm in.
  5. haha, its in florida lol. Im used to kentucky weather, which is the upper 60's this week, and i leave the house with the windows up and keep them that way the whole ride, turn on the ac whatever, and get here, step outta the car and almost fall down from a bust of heat i havent felt since last years vacation here lol, damn its fucking hott as hell, its nuts lol.
  6. You lucky lucky man!!
    I would LOVE to have a hot tub to chill in right now! haha that sounds awesome though.. and try not to get too scared in that big scary house :p hehe
  7. lol empty random houses are the shit if u can try to babysit or ask one of ur friends if u can do it with them and just get blowed and play with all the shit its weird everyone else is asleep here and im doin pretty good right now so im just walkin around i feel pretty weird cause the girls grandmaw and i gues aunt somehting are outside looking at the front yard cause her mom is gone but i cant find a trashbag to throw away all the cans for if they come in plus im a guy so its gonna be pretty hectic wish me luck im out
  8. So wait, why are you in this house?
  9. yeah good question.

    how did nush get a mansion in florida?
  10. I have my tactics of getting a mansion lol(next nate nomran right here haha jk)

    you know damn fucking well i want you here! tell u it everydat lol!

    i might gett scurred though, come fix it lol
  11. fuckin lucky bastard..im in
  12. how long are you staying down there?
  13. hopefully a hurricane wont blow it down ;) hurricane season is starting already
  14. ill only be down here till next weekend lol....can anyone else here say, PARTY!!!!!!!!!

    if i was at home wth this house it would def generate a couple hundred smokers lol.
  15. Run me over some bud man, Im dry.:p
  16. im in Daytona so looks like i get dibbs on the hot tub man, i'll grab an ounce and some cigars and walk up there
  17. fine by me man, only about 45 mile haha, have fun walkin, but feel free wed to come
  18. Hehe you never mentioned a hot tub! if I'd known you were gunna have a hot tub I woulda come ;) hehe
  19. A message from Dan a.k.a nushaganazad:
    all my weed and all my pills are gone plus two more xanex 2 mg pills are all eaten by me..

    (I don't think he can move right now..haha)
  20. druggies at their finest:cool:

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