Jacko the "F"ing Wacko

Discussion in 'General' started by AggieSmoker, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. What do yall think about all this? I have thought the guy was a perv ever since the first charge. I hope he gets the maximum penalty. He is just sick. What kind of grown man thinks its alright to sleep with numerous kids just because he is a "Big Kid!?!" I thought the new conference was pretty entertaining though. What do all y'all think about this? Any Jacko fans out there?

  2. He's a freak, there's another thread on this.
  3. i love michael jackson.

    hes a VERY big piece of the world. he has helped to improve and enriche the lives of countless children, let alone human beings in general.

    Michael Jackson is an asset to our society. leave him alone.
  4. Are you kidding? What is he trying to prove holding babies over balconies and sleeping with kids? Is that normal? He denies having a nose lift and says he isnt black anymore because of a disease. Give me a break. That guy is a joke and should be in prison or a insane asylum, I really dont know which.
  5. jacko sounds like anna nicole when he speaks..

    idiots both off them , walking around all day eating ¨happy pills¨ in theyre own dream world

    wish that me hehe

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