Jack White Cob Led Flower Week 4

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  1. In week 4 of flower. Jacky White. 31 days flower today and she is looking good. Great bud formation and density.
    20170627_195134.jpg 20170629_213250.jpg 20170629_213256.jpg 20170629_213328-1.jpg 20170627_194745-1.jpg 20170627_194705-1.jpg
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  2. Very nice. Good job.
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  3. Looks so nice very similar to my bud and where it's at

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  4. Thanks bro. I try lol.
  5. They're looking good for sure. Keep throwing that light to them and imaging how fat they'll be in the end. LOL Happy growing! TWW
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  6. Ph Water again tonight
    37 day flower 47 day from 12/12 flip
    20170706_192515.jpg 20170706_192501-1.jpg 20170706_194035-1.jpg 20170706_194124.jpg 20170706_194729-1.jpg 20170706_194756.jpg
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  7. Atleast we know we r both doing something right lol :)
  8. Hah! True

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  9. Would post a pic of mr white, but it kinda looks the same lol definitely fatter since watering

    Anyways i do have a veg shots of the afghani #1 + #2 in veg right now the 1 is in a 2 gal and the #2s r in lil rigged up bottles. i didnt have nothing to put em in lol transplant out of the coco coir to my special blend of FFOF with the works in 1 gals tonight til flower. They r #2 i call em that since i had a hermie from last grow and it pollinated my other 2 females . i pulled the hermie out too late but got around 50 seeds from 2 plants a lil over 3 zips and they are 2 seeds i germed. Should be females. But the afghani #1 is 1 of the 3 original seeds i have left. So out of seven afghani 1 seed i got 2 fem 1 herm and 1 male after 10week veg. So lets see what this one will be
    I have the lights dimmed down a lil under half way. Growth is looking good
    20170709_120556-1.jpg 20170709_120534.jpg 20170709_120434.jpg
  10. Very nice man I can't wait to start new plants soon again. And do even better

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  11. Pics taken last night. But as of today 55 days from flip 45 days flower. Last thursday i watered and i feed for the last time last night 1 ml tiger bloom, and epsom salt. I like doing wet to dry cycles. I usually use up to 1 gal of water for 3 gal pot. As she had nute burn. I backed off the light so i dont get any further light burn as well day 55 since flip.. Almost there!!
    20170713_195549-1.jpg 20170713_194804-1.jpg 20170713_200454-1.jpg 20170713_194951.jpg

    I lst the girl last night gave the other 2 water and rhizoblast
    20170713_215342-1.jpg 20170713_215317.jpg
  12. Those are some beautiful buds my friend!!!

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