Jack Herrer...what's the skinny?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by froggy, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. Jack Herrer...what is the big deal?

    how hard can it be to grow the plant anyhow?

    i mean really...why is it hard to grow. and the more and more people that say its hard to grow makes me wanna get some seeds and find out for myself.

    i grew a 400lb pumpkin once...NOW THAT WAS HARD TO GROW. how hard can a fricken pot plant be?
  2. no one?

    hm...maybe its just an urban lore and its the easest one to grow. someone started the rumor cuz they didnt want u to corner the market:)

    dont make me buy this ungodly expensive var.
  3. everywhere I have read it said Jack was the hardest to grow but an eveb harder plant to clone. Supposed to be a heartbreaker clone, starts to root and hangs on, and then after a while just poof, falls over dead.

    Give it a shot and be our test pilot, just try to not to let it go hermy on you :D
  4. ok just ordered some from Gypsy. nirvana Jack Herer.

    that is the plant that we are discussing here right?

    "The mystical 3-way Dutch plant that has revolutionized the business."

    ill be able to start em up in about a month.
  5. sweet ass man u better have a digi cam topping 3 mega pixels and hella time cause i wanna see 2 pics a day in a grow journal... no I'm not joking i really wanna see that shit... OH but hey if the plant is impossible to clone just get the seeds and keep one of the males going id take a crop of beeny as hell jack over a sensi un cloneable crop any day
  6. fyi i just got the seeds in the mail from gypsy.

    5 biz days after ordering i got my seeds

    10 shiva

    10 jack herer

    20 bonus skunk #1

    a few of the jack herer are flattened but still, u gotta like the service u get from em

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