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Jack Herer price

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by EastsideRyda, May 30, 2009.

  1. Aight,so one of my dudes said he could get me 2g's of Jack Herer for $30.Wonderin if thats a good deal or not.Ive never bought from him before,but ive known him for a lil while now
  2. sounds fair from ware im from
  3. where Im from individual grams are usually $20,and the price goes down when you buy a larger amount, about 400-420 an ounce.
  4. I would do that for sure, you're basically getting a price break for less then an eighth which is good. Herer is usually 15-20 a gram here.
  5. 400 an ounce over here...
  6. jack herer is good stuff, the legit one. you should take the deal, but make sure if its frosty and try ur best to find out if its legit jack
  7. Go on over to the place to buy it and give it a good quick check. If its pretty frosty do it, if not say no thanks
  8. Yea,I got it,and Im pretty positive its legit.Thanks for your replies guys :smoke:
  9. If it's real Herrer then go for it fo sho.

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