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Jack Frost (Jack Herer x W. Widow x N. Lights #5)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TMadd, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. #1 TMadd, Jan 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 17, 2010
    Got a gram of Jack Frost since it's still around and I loved it last time I got it. Still loving this bud so I may be getting an ounce of it early this week. Here's some crystally bud shots for you guys:



    And for the bonus pic... Can you say "amber"?

  2. WOW extremely amber trics there gonna be blazed for hours lol..enjoy that shit!!!!
  3. Yeah man a bowl of 0.2g gets me RIPPED for 4hrs. Imagine that. That's 20hrs of high per gram!
  4. Bonus pic is up! It's a little baby nug that was COATED with amber trics. :smoke:
  5. Damn that looks dank. Nice pick-up an ounce of that would be great
  6. That will put a man on his ass for a couple.
  7. fumes of the gods right there.
  8. Yeah I'm really leaning towards getting a full zip of this just for a head stash really.
  9. Looking good man + rep! how much did that cost ya?
  10. $20 for the gram man. The zip is gonna run me about $400.
  11. those trichs are massive dude.
  12. Very. :bongin::smoking:
  13. That's pretty!

  14. All this dank ass weed I'm seeing all over GC and they're getting it for 20 a g!?!? I would pay 40 a g for that shit! Regular dro is 25 a g here

  15. lol nicely said.
  16. Damn dude I thought $20/g was bad... those Canadians have it made with their prices. They get this shit for like $10/g almost. Like $250 for a zip. Then there's the MMJ card holders hehe.
  17. Those are some sexy buds right there man
  18. I went "Whoa!" just reading the title, man. 3 of my favorite strains combined into one :eek::D
  19. Yeah same man. White Widow is one of my favorites and I've grown fond of Jack Herer as well so this strain really appeals to me. Also, I just fixed the bonus pic; had to adjust the colors because it looked dark with a brownish tint. Looks good now though.
  20. damnn.. yeahh i've never even seen dank like that in tennessee. I might have to make a road trip to wherever you are to get some of that shit for 20. i could make bankkk back here at home. haha

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