Jack daniels bong!

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  1. Jack daniels Bong

    Just bought a large jack daniels bottle with a whole in perfect for my down pipe, this is the perfect discuise for a bong is it not? i can just take the downpipe out and leave it the bottle in my room, noone would ever suspet a thing!
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  2. ... is there a picture, man? It sounds awesome when I imagine it, but I wanna see ittt
  3. That looks...just....I don't even...
    Is this even legal?
  4. I was going to make a mini bong out of a glass coca-cola bottle. How classy would that be
  5. Bout as classy as making a pipe out of a Blatz can
  6. I've been drilling liqour bottles for about a month now. How did u get the angle of ur down stem? I can't figure it out without using silicone.
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    The glass is relatively thick in the center where i put it. I used a dremel to cut the right sized whole, then i titled the dremel up while it was still grinding pointing the hole towards the bottom of the bottle. The angle was perfect.
  8. This is my jack bong, dremmel tool for the glass and my diffused GonG setup.

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  9. I made a bangin' ass gravity bong with a handle of Captain Morgan. It ripped.
  10. We use to make hookahs like that back in the day with a bowl on the lid and a hole drilled through the side for a hose. Hella classy.
  11. Nice man I'll have to try that. Do u mind if I ask what bit u used in the dremmel?
  12. I used the small long cone grinder initially then used the largest diameter grinding cone 2nd. they were both that orangey/red. You'll know what I mean when you look at em.
  13. this is fucking awesome man
  14. How do you make it airtight? Do you have any super glue or grommet?
  15. Ive heard the best thing to use is some sort of beeswax or something natural like that.

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