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Jack Daniels Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bygdubdiesel, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Trying to make a bong out of a JD bottle. Quick question: exactly with what do I cut the hole for the down stem? Glass cutter? Friend suggested blowtorch.....but he's an idiot. Any ideas?
  2. diamond drill bit. get it at lowes, it cuts a hole through like butter.
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    Yep, diamond tipped drill bit. You can also use a dremmel tool and just slowly file and sand and grind away a hole. I used the latter method, but the drill bit is alot quicker.

    Also some advice. I would drill from the middle section of the bottle just under the neck. That is the only section angles enough to position the downstem properly if your going to use a rubber gromet to attach the downstem. If you use one of the the vertical walls of the bottle, it is not likely that you get the right angle of the downstem unless you use apoxy to secure it.

    Good luck with the bottle, and post up a pic when its done.

    This is a shitty photo of my Level bong. Its an example of what happens if you drill on a vertical wall of the bottle. The hole I drilled is angled down, but the grommet only sits airtight if its vertical. Hope this explains what I am trying to say, and I hope it saves you some trouble if it is what you were planning on doing.
  4. best to use something more powerful then a dremel (air compressor is wut i use)
    RotoZip Tilecut Bit

    you can still make a nice steamroller with it, cut another hole in it for a carb...

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