ive used search, still have questions.

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  1. I want to do an outdoor bubblebucket or two, now that im moving to a place
    where outdoor is a possibility.

    sun+perfectly aerated nutewater=win, right?

    anything i should know about running a dwc outdoors? i couldnt find anything
    with my googles on.
  2. The only issue I could see is stealth. You will always be stuck to a power cord with DWC. Unless your area is someplace nobody else will ever be.....other than that, sounds like a great combo!
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    The other issue that you could conceivably deal with is excessive temps in the reservoir of the bucket, With the sun beating down on your bucket all day you could have temps in the 80's-90's. This would spell disaster to the root system. If you could figure out a way to use a chilled reservoir linked to your buckets, you could probably pull it off. The temps need to stay at around 67-68 to no more than 71-72.
    In an outdoor grow, you'll be growing about 5 months at the least unless you use an auto-flowering strain. That is a long time to be dealing with the water changes, ph calibration, etc. and it will require diligent, if not around the clock care. The other issue I can foresee is that you may need to have 10-20 gallon containers to contain the massive amounts of roots you will get. I'm not saying it can't be done, but IMHO, a soil grow in some huge pots such as cantharis is planning would be a safer, less hassle way to go for still phenomenal results.

    Hope you get it figured out, and good luck on however you decide to grow...........
  4. Imo, do it all outdoors with a good soil mix you pick up here. Just feed it with teas ot chem. nutes and that's it. That's the beauty of outdoors: very simple if you have the stealth figured out. Good luck.

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