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I've smoked 6 or 7 times and experienced symptoms but didn't feel any different.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Amanisdaj, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. I smoked for the first time in August, the once or twice a month until now. I've had cotton mouth, paranoia, and dry eyes for the last two times. This time was a little different. I smoked about 3/4s of a gram and Everything in front of me was a lot farther away than I remember it being and it felt like it took longer to get there. I kept thinking somebody was calling my name, and got paranoid but I never really felt anything, I didn't laugh, and I wasn't like "happy". The symptoms wore off about an hour and a half after I smoked, except for dry eyes. Was I high? And will it become more intense?
  2. It took me a few times to actually get HIGH, but it happens at different times for different people, reasons why it's taking so long for you..
    -the fact that you only smoke once or twice a month.
    -you might need to inhale more, practice practice practice. It takes some people awhile to get it.
    -that also may be why it took you almost a gram to get what I call a mild buzz.
    -might need to hold your hits in longer, maybe go as far as ten seconds I usually only hold for like five seconds though.

    So, just smoke more offen, hold your hits, pull a grav cause they get new smokes really ripped!
  3. Sounds like you don't know how to ride it and enjoy the high if you're just getting paranoid and not laughing at anything. What'd you do like stay in a dark room?
  4. Seriously...forget everything you know about being high, or what you think you know about being high. There's some things here that somewhat make me wonder, because weed doesn't make you hear voices or sounds that don't exist. That's already in your head before you smoke.

    One thing I would recommend working on: Breathing with your diaphragm. By that, I mean breathe with your stomach, not your chest. You inhale a LOT more air that way, and more smoke = larger hits = you getting higher.

    Also, sit yourself in a room where you know there's gonna be fun. Video games, movies, a bunch of good friends. Sitting around stoned waiting for something to happen is like sitting around sober waiting for something to happen. It kinda never happens if you just sit there.

    Definitely clear your mind of any expectations of being stoned. Different people expect different things. Have you ever seen 2 people laughing their asses off for no reason because they were smoking weed? Literally NOTHING has been said or done with the smallest comedic value, and these two are laughing? That's because they expected you to be laughing all the fucking time, and geeking out. The people who expect to get the munchies are the people who have the biggest pile of junk food around. Yeah, you get the munchies, but it doesn't compel you to eat two bags of Doritos, five brownies, a whole package of fig newtons, 3 twinkies, and wash all that down with a 2 liter of soda. Clear your mind, and don't expect anything. Your high will be it's own, and you won't force it to be something it's not, nor will you expect it to be.

    Also, make sure you're smoking good weed. There's probably tens of thousands of pictures of good weed on this site, make sure it looks dank.
  5. Well said, my friend, well said.
  6. I kind of disagree. If I'm really baked I sometimes hear my thoughts and stuff in a way. And I'll hear the tv or something and think I'm hearing a person or something.

    When your high your paranoia is probably just you coming up with bad explanations for a sound you hear, or bad possibilities for the near future. If you might be in a sketchy situation just get high but still at a handlable level, and just get really stoned when your not gonna have to deal with anyone except your friends.

    "Some folks say that smokin' herb is a crime, if they catch ya smokin' there bound to drop the dime... insufferable, informal, crazy fools" -Bradley Nowell (Sublime)
  7. I know what you mean, but I wouldn't attribute that to weed. Sometimes when I'm listening to music with headphones on, I think I hear somebody calling my name sometimes as well. I'm not entirely sure what it means, even though with my background in psychology, I should study it a bit more, but it's definitely not a thing that you can attribute to weed.
  8. dude it took me a couple tries. The first time It actually affected me I was smoking two j's with my two friends. One was a chick that we were both into and the other was this kid thats sorta a d-bag... sorta made my first high really awkward and made me get all quiet. but anyway, when you're high for the first time you'll notice. For me, everything got real shakey and like you sorta feel detatched from your body. Not in like an out of body experience thing, but like sometimes you get lost in your thoughts and forget about the real world. If you're getting shitty symptons, especially the paranoia, just chill and remember that even though you're high you're fine it's just different sensations. But yeah, take larger hits and hold them and make sure your actually inhaling (not saying you don't or anything). But jus remember if you start feeling any sort of paranoia or freak out just keep trying to enjoy the high. make mental jokes of it or something idk, just lighten the mood. Don't be too serious when your high.

    No idea if that made any sense, but best of luck to you dude.

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