ive read all the stickys, looked at all the pics- cant figure this leaf curl...

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  1. the leaves are curling at the edges lengthwise....

    HYDROPONICS/Aero Ponics/Coco/Soiless/

    How long has this problem been going on? 5 DAYS I THINK
    Are you growing in a PVC grow tent? NO
    What system are you running? (DWC? Ebb flow? Aero? Water Farm? Flood Tables? and so on...) PROMIX, HAND WATER
    What STRAIN are you growing? G13 POWER SKUNK
    What was the establishing technique? (Were the seed or clone?) SEED
    What is the age of your plants? 12 DAYS
    How long have they been in there mixture they are in now?(coco,soiless etc..) SINCE GERM
    How tall are the plants? 4"
    What PHASE are the plants in? (seedling, vegetative or flower) are the plants in? JUST STARTED VEG
    What Technique are you using? STILL SEXING THE PLANTS, THEN LST
    What substrate/medium are you using?(Hydroton, RockWool etc.) PROMIX
    What is the Water temperature? TAP
    What color are your roots? White? Brown? Are your roots slimy? WHITE
    What Nutrient's are you using?(If growing soiless) GENERIC STUFF FROM HYDRO STORE, SOLD BY POUND, POWDERED-VEG FORMULA 20-6-16
    How much of each nutrient are you using with how much water? *Knowing the brand is very helpful* 1/4 STRENGTH RECOMMENDED
    How often are you feeding? (If using soiless) AROUND EVERY 3 DAYS
    How often are you giving nutrients? (If using soiless) BETWEEN 1 OR 2 TIMES OUT OF 3 WATERINGS
    If flowering, when did you switch over to using Bloom nutrients? N/A
    What order are you mixing your nutrients? (example: veg nutes 1st, bloom 2nd ect) VEG NUTES THEN EPSOM SALTS
    What is the TDS/EC/PPM you are using? N/A
    What is the pH of the "Tank"? N/A
    Are you sure your calibration is correct on your equiptment? YES
    When was your last watering? LAST NITE
    What is your water temps? N/A
    When was your last feeding change? (ie. grow-bloom-micro-additional) N/A
    How often do you clean your system: example: Flush out water replace with clean water and nutrients? N/A
    What size bulb are you using? 8 X 23W CFLS FOR VEG
    What is the distance to the canopy? 1-2 INCHES
    What is your RH Factor(Relative Humidity)? 40-60
    What is the canopy temperature? 83
    What is the Day/Night Temp? (Include flucutaion range) 70-85
    What is the current Air Flow? (cfm etc.) COMPUTER FAN EXHAUST
    Tell us about your ventilation, intake exhaust and when its running and not running? 6 INCH FAN BLOWING CANOPY, COMPUTER FAN FOR EXHAUST. BOTH FANS ARE OFF DURING 6 HOUR DARK PERIOD
    Is the fan blowing directly at plants? YES
    Is your water HARD or SOFT? HARD
    What water are you using? Reverse Osmosis (RO)? Tap? Bottled? Well water? Distilled? Mineral Water? TAP
    Are you using water from a water softener? NO
    Has plant been recently pruned, cloned off of or pinched NO
    Have any pest chemicals been used? If so, What and When? NO
    Are plant's infected with pest's NO

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  2. To be honest, the plants look OK. I mean, yeah....there is some curling going on, and your nutes seem to have a pretty high N ratio, but for 12 days, they look pretty good. Try a PH-corrected flush, and maybe grab a nutrient solution not so high in Nitro.
  3. It looks pH to me. Also, you mentioned tap water, you need to let it sit 24 hours before you use it.

  4. you mean let it sit so the chlorine can evaporate??? the guy at the hydro store told me that i only need to do that if im using organic ferts??
  5. I would imagine he said that in an effort to keep in line with the whole "organic" way of thinking. You know, no chemicals......which, in your case would be the chlorine thing. Who knows.....love to hear some other opinions on that, but to your chlorine issue....I grow in hempy buckets and have a water reservoir that I keep mixed nutrients in, and use (2) 6in. airstones in the reservoir--which does a couple of things: It keeps the nutrients mixed, gets the chlorine outta there faster, and keeps the water oxygenated...which roots really, really love like Kirstie Allie does a doughnut.

    My point being...yes this could be a chlorine issue...in which case you might want to let your water sit for 24 hours as thosevacanteyes mentioned. But, to another point....not trying to SPAM it up or anything, but Gen Hydro makes a hard water nutrient. Good stuff...give it a try if you get the chance...it might be what you need.
  6. They look pretty good to me. If there's a problem, its very minor at this point. After reading thru your checklist, I would recommend cutting back on the number of feedings. Try backing it off to maybe every five or six days instead of every 3 days. You could be slowly creating a nute burn situation. Other than that, sounds complete, good job.
  7. im having trouble keeping the temps under 86.... now one of my plants seems to be drooping more and one of the very bottom leaves is starting to yellow?

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  8. I currently have the same thing going on with my babies , and I posted a thread a few hours ago trying to figure out the problem . My leaves are curling up at the edges just like yours .

    Someone pointed out that it may be a Magnesium deficiency . Here's a link for you to check out , http://cannabis.com/growing/sickpla...eaves_have_yellow_margins_or_green_veins.html
    ...look at the last picture on that link , you will see the edges curling up just like in your pics . Epson salt can be used to fix a Magnesium def. .
  9. Check your pH before you adjust nute levels! What you see as a nutrient deficiency is most likely a nute lockout due to the pH being off.
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    Why do you think chlorine causes the edges to curve towards the middle?

    Someone has been telling me that the government got some biowarfare stuff going on that they putting on plants. He says that that particular type of leaf curling is one of the signs.

    The only way you can really tell is to smoke the finished plant. If it has the biowarfare stuff on it, it makes your mouth, tongue and chest numb, gives you mega phlegm, and you cough all the time.

    The dood might be goofy, but the government really is doing biowarfare on plants.

    "A portion of the 1.3 billion dollars allotted to the Colombian Military in the recent US "Plan Colombia" package is set aside to facilitate the large scale distribution of a toxic fungus (Fusarium oxsporum, EN-4 strain) over coca-producing regions. "The U.S. plans to spread this toxic fungus are only part of the Plan Colombia, 90% of which is military aid and includes 18 Blackhawk and 42 Huey II helicopters. The US had to enact Plan Colombia, heightening the war against the impoverished Colombian people, in order to maintain its imperialist domination of the region. The spraying of the Fusarium fungus as a Biological Warfare agent is just another example of US escalation of the Colombian civil war," stated Andy McInerney, a Colombia expert at the International Action Center."

    Check this out:

    “The mortality rate for people infected by Fusarium is 76 percent.” Posada lists the scientific literature indicating that fusarium toxins are “highly toxic” to animals and humans.


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