Ive outgrown my boyfriend.

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  1. So I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and when we first met I was young and stupid and put up with him being a total dick all the time because I was "so in love" but now that I've grown up a little I'm starting to realize I don't like the person he's grown to be. He's always hateful and moody, always bringing everyone down. He doesn't smoke so we're always on different levels. I still have love for him and care about his feelings but I can't handle the way he treats me or other people. Do I continue to try and help him help himself?? I'm just so tired and don't know what to do anymore.

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  2. You can't help someone that isn't willing to be helped.  Move on.  It's up to him to fix his attitude.  Not you.  
  3. love is for life.
    he wont always be awesome.
    hes human too.
  4. Fuck that. Leave him if he doesn't make you happy. I've struggled with similar circumstances. I have friends who are going no where in life and were trying to drag me along with them. Do you maintain the friendship and fall with them? Or cut them off knowing that they're poison to you?

    There's only so much you can do to help, but if they don't want to help themselves, you're wasting your time. You still have feelings for him, but always put yourself before anyone else. Don't let ppl waste your time and life
  5. "It's better to be unhappy alone then unhappy with someone" - Marilyn Monroe
  6. It sounds like the answer is clear. If he doesnt cherish every moment of you, move on to one who does.

    You are worth it. Never settle for less than you are or less than you give or less than you expect.

    ~ poke
  7. Answer is in the title, prob time to move on.
  8. I always thought JFK's wife was alot better looking than her.  I fucking always hated monroe's drugged out face and infuriating boner-killing voice.  It's like listening to a prostitute that just had a root canal. :laughing:

     At least you got fed up.  i've been noticing alot of women that fall in love with these assholes must have began dating them at a young age, so it's like stockholme syndrome..   One girl I knew was so retarded.  Her only response to me when I'd warn her and suggest she fled from the relationship was "But I love him".   Id say something else, then "But I love him".

      Then she had the nerve to insult me.  Needless to say, she got pregnant, and I lol'd.  But anyways, kudos for heading in the right direction.  Dump him.  He's just going to get meaner and lamer.  Get yourself a nice sexy man with a better attitude, you're attractive enough.  Then take pics of you having sex with him and send them to your Ex :laughing:
  9. I'm a dick too but I have a lot of weed, what's good?
  10. All of you have made me feel a lot better, it's just hard for me to hurt people I care about. Although he's made it very clear multiple times he could careless about my feelings. A good friend of mine and I have been saving money so I can get out of this crazy situation that I've gotten myself into. Thank you everyone!

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  11. you're welcome. is your friend a guy?
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    No need to waste your or his time in a relationship that isn't going anywhere. Break ups suck but you both need to move on.
  13. Fuck that, move on. bye bye!
  14. I think you have the best advice already it's hard to hurt people you love but you gotta do it for the long term so you don't end up living in hurt.
  15. yep, move on...better to find someone who cares about you AND your feelings....sure wish I could find that exact thing...
  16. I'm just done, it's taken me this long to be done with the name calling, lashing out, and all around verbal abuse. He's finally pushed me to the point where I just want out even if that means hurting him. I'm young and generally a pretty positive person, I just want to live a beautiful happy life and with him I know it'll never happen.

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  17. Its hard when you are much more mature than the boys are. May-December relationships are not trouble-free but many are successful ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415833220.806456.jpg

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  18. lol the girl smokes and the guy doesn't? he's not laid back and you are? come kick it with me for a night beautiful and I'm sure he'll change his mind. anyways fuck him. dump his sorry ass. make a sextape and send it to him if you really don't like him lmao
  19. sounds like he has issues, I wouldn't stay another day with an asshole like that. obviously doesn't appreciate you. 

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