i've never had attention from a girl. ever.

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  1. any other people here like that?

    oh wait, i did get attention from this 2/10 black girl before. and this girl from special education class.

    thats about all tho. 100% serious
  2. Be yourself, Smile, Always have confidence, Get over your flaws and you will be good

  3. are you of the female species?
  4. Have confidence in yourself but don't over due it..
  5. What do you look like?
  6. [quote name='"KushinTon"']Have confidence in yourself but don't over due it..[/quote]

    Either I see what you did there :p or you misspelled do ... I prefer the former :p

    But yeah, it helps if you're comfortable around the people you're with, so you can act yourself and stuff. Forgot where I was going with that.

  7. not good . . . . . . average i guess
  8. Keep the stinky parts washed, and brush your teeth.....

  9. i keep my chit 150% clean bro hahaha
  10. 1. buy sweat pants and whitey tighties and a large potato

    2. put on whitey tighties, insert potatoe in crotch of these. put on sweat pants.

    3. get mad bitches.

  11. [​IMG]

  12. pssh potatoes i use a watermelon, ladies;)
  13. Yeah but I don't care.

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