I've made some UPDATES! =)

Discussion in 'General' started by ITZWEEDMAN!, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. I've made some updates on my site recently so if you all love marijuana then check it out aha thanks stonaz and smokaz!

    your friend,


  2. haha yea man ;)

    im lovin it.

    if not for anyone else, keep it updated for me, thats just awesome :D
  3. uhm, welcome back
  4. Your sig is to big.. read the rules...

    Signature Limits

    All signatures should not exceed the following size limits, and you can't have both text and images

    text signatures: 4 lines normal size, 8 lines small size and up to 90 chars per line. Font sizes above 2 are not allowed.
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    Many of our users still surf the net with a 56kb dial-up modem, large signatures make it very frustrating for our members to surf the forums, not everybody has DSL or Cable, so keep that in mind with large files and image posting

    Porn and any other form of Nudity Picture posting is not allowed.

    Also have you asked SJ about posting your website??? This is not allowed unless you have jis permission..

    Failure to comply with these rules will result in the lost of your signature and deletion of any post with your website..

    Thank you

    BH mod.
  5. Hey weedman...why don't you post a tutorial on your site about how you made that pic you just posted? I think it looks pretty cool...
  6. Dude you look kind of strange in that photo on your web site.

    but still it made me laugh again
  8. You still used the word fuck so I dont think that counts
  9. dammn, all this talk about cool marijuana weed is interesting, when i get my million dollars i might try to buy some, it would be so totally cool... by the way, keep updating that site...shit is a trip

  10. Great satire! I was going to be angry before I realized it was a joke...

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