I've just found a seed in my weed..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BrewsnWeed666, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Is it worth planting it? Idk anything about seeds or growing hoping someone can help, does the seed look good/bad? & how do I go about planting it if it is good?


  2. A seed in the weed may be of the hermie breed.

    Don't plant if you don't have the money or the effort. According to the effort is the reward.
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  3. Yeah man that looks like a mature seed.
    I've planted many bagseed
    Id say about 90% of mine have been female
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  4. looks good , rich dark brown seed are the best ones
    but the sex is unknown, could be male, hermie or female
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  5. I don't have lights fans ect no kind of set up to grow I might just plant it and see where it goes
  6. Sweet how long does weed take the flower?
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  7. from seed to harvest, about 12-16 weeks
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  8. Yup, like every other billy.

    Without a setup you won't get anything out of it. Then you'll start 8 threads with questions because you didn't want to do any research.

    Happens like 20 times a week.
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  9. b39md.jpg

    Please explain to me how people grow in there gardens and in fields? They don't have a set up...
  10. No but they do the research, they put in the work and they add amendments. If you put any research in to this you would know soil still needs nutes and not all soil is fit for growing.

    Are you even in a legal state?
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  11. Okay..
    I'm not in a legal state weed isn't legal where I live
  12. Yeah. So do your self a favour, store the seed in a jar and wait until you have what you need and you know more.
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