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I've had it!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. These tele-marketers who have no life. They will call all hours of the day and night.

    Here is my soulution.

    Call from sears trying to seel vinyl siding.

    I told the girl that i lived in a rock house.

    She asked about replacement windows.

    I told her that i have no windows.

    Why don't you install some of our quality windows?

    I told her that i was blind and i wouldn't be able to see through them any way.

    She said she was sorry that i was blind.
    Then she said they had a special on gutters and vinyl trim.

    Again I told her that I was blind and I really didn't need any thing.

    She asked if some one could come by and talk to me just in case I needed something and I didn't know.

    I told her that all i needed was to be able to see.
    I asked her if she could send some one out to my house and fix my sight problem.

    She asked what happened to me.

    I replied gracefully "I'm a stoner and a drunk"

    she replied "sir you know that not good for you"

    I had to ask. Is advise the only thing you give for free?

    Now tell me this. If they can bother me day or night, why are they so quick to hang up when i bother them??????
  2. hell yes, I wish I would've done that. Cept they don't call anymore cuz I always mess with them. "Can I talk to so and so please" one moment, and I just leave the phone next to me, check two minutes later, "wait jus a minute", four minutes later "sorry, i sorta live in a mansion and I know so and so is somewhere around here", after 8 minutes, i'll see if their still there and be like "Sorry, I guess so and so wasn't here, can I take a message", and thats if they didn't hang up previously. Sadly enough, only one telemarketer was desparate enough to wait that long.

  3. Critter I hadn't thought of that. I'll use it in the future.

    I have told them that i just filed for bankruptcy and if they'll give me credit i'll take it. They usually tell me they can't give credit do to the bankruptcy.

    sobercontent, I have used that trick before. They started hanging up and give my name to the next person in line.

    What really pisses me off is, I have a security system in my home and in my shop. The people who installed the system and monitor it called several times trying to sell me a system. I told the person that called me last time, If you don't know I have a security system already, I need to have it taken out because you obviously are NOT monitoring it or you would already know I have it!
  4. lol. do they have those things that zap your # from their computers where you guys live? they do around here, i'm savin' up for one, lol. my fave thing to do is wait for them to start talking, then yell at them in chinese. i know, i know... don't REALLY know chinese... but THEY don't know that :)
  5. LOL I have a friend whos daughter has taken spanish for two years. She always answers the phone in spanish.

    The first thing she'll say is Fuck you in spanish.

    Like critter said. If you use a credit card they will have your number again in 30 days.
  6. Bill Collectors,,misinformed.

    Forgot a bill,gee $40 ,big deal,,got a notice,said yea,yea...paid it later ,to the persons owed when I felt like it basically,which I admit was a little silly,but none-the-less..Seems my payment was made right after billing sent to a collection service,,,they never contacted service...7mo starts..

    Calls,calls,calls of course,,the wife gets them,then bitchifies her feelings about the lack of communication between biller/collector my way......then 1 day it's me on the phone,,I say,of course with glee....

    Look buddy, we paid it, call the people,it was their money,not yours,and they got theirs,sucks to be you huh......he hangs up on me...

    Next day....another call,,me again,different guy on the other end this time....he says...sir,,what are you going to do about this call...I say......Well the first thing I'm going to do is disconnect this phone......I hung up.

    Next day,,we went on basically winter vacation...2 months in was on vacation disconnect with phone company,,,so if you called it would say "this number has been temporarily disconnected" bet that guy called back and thought "oh shit,he really did it"....never heard from them again....

    What a job......
  7. fuuunnnyyy:D:D:D

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  8. LOL! nice work :)
  9. Whenever telemarketers call my dad's friend asks them stupid shit. One time he tried to sell the guy a boat over the phone. That's some funny ass shit Budhead. Ha haha.
  10. hah! I used to be on the dark side. I was a telemarketer for a year and a telesurveyer for another year. You dont have the slightest idea of just how vicious people can be on the phone!
  11. Its an easy solution to the telemarketers.

    Just say "can I ask you one question?"

    "Why yes sir."

    " Have you accpeted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?"

    See how quick you get off those lists
  12. You've probably heard this on Oprah before, but if you tell everyone that calls you to put your name on their "no call list"..theyre supposed to. I know alot of people did that when I was a telemarketer, and we usually just deleted the number of the person who asks us to, right on the spot.But sometimes the same number would pop up in our databases a month later. So if you have some spare time and can somehow keep track of which companies call you, if you can prove that the same company that you asked to put you on their no call list called you again, you can file suit against the company for up to something around $500 or so. Its chump change for some..but that can buy alot of bud, or pay alot of bills.
  13. lol, i will definitly try that...putting on speaker phone recording would be good enough, right? but it is going through court and you can not record without their knowing so hmm how do you prove? Unless at first you say: "Hey, I would like to tape this conversation so I can re-think it later, would this be alright with you" and then they say "sure why not" I guess that would work.......
  14. the companies keep records of all the phone calls. but if you wanmted to record them just tell them flat out, "hey, I dont want you calling back again, please put me on your no call list, and to let you know im recording this for evidence incase you call back again"

  15. ROFL! sounds like a win/win plan to me. if they want to keep talking i can witness to 'em, and if they don't wanna hear it they'll stop calling. thanks for the idea big poppa puff.
  16. Yeah, I'm gonna use the Jesus thing, too. My caller id shows telemarketers as "unavailable" so I usually just mute the phone. I'm on our states "Do Not Call" list but I haven't seen much relief yet.

    I'm usually not really rude to them if I do answer. I just say I'm not interested and have a good day. It's when they get persistant. I had one guy argue with me about why I didn't want to opt into some program they had. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he did the same thing. I was mad!!!!

    You guys had some funny stories.

    Telemarketer's, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!
  17. who is that guy in the picture under your name...
    I think he frightens me a bit....

    p.s. tell'em your broke, cause you have a serious debt collection problem. I think they'd want to stop calling.

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA@ the sheer unknowingness of our whole fun time with this..HAHAHAH

  19. OMG the tears are flowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. fresh meat namron! back a few weeks in the forum or so and read some of the threads..theyre usually titled something like"nubbins avatar" or something similar.

    and no..its not me

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