I've got a problem

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Dopethrone420, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. My 10 inch dick is too big to fit into the vagina of any species smaller then a horse. Since you guys all have penises of similar proportions, then you must be able to help me with this:rolleyes:
  2. You should start seeing some horses.
  3. Why tha fuck is someone with as many posts, and as much rep as you trollin huh?
  4. I think it's all in the name of having fun. :D

  5. Pretty much :D
  6. Have you tried the giraffe? Legs for miles man, legs for miles.
  7. elephants bro more cushin fer the pushin
  8. I have the perfect solution for you here
  9. CAPSLOCK BANDIT might be able to help you out
  10. It's spelled whores. :p
  11. Should introduce you to my ex-wife.
    shes so wore out she should be right up your alley.
    I was deployed for ten months, she went through like a guy a week.

    Just make sure you wear like 4 condoms :)

  12. Sorry about your ex-wife dude. That's really shitty.
  13. It's all right, bro.
    She's my ex for several reasons, not just her chronic inability to be faithful.
    I got over her and kept of going.
    The most hilarious bit is that she still hasn't figured out who fathered her kid[​IMG]

    My suggestion to start going through the phone book was not well received for some reason.

    her behavior is actually very common among military spouses. It's referred to as being a WestPac Widow. In some cases it gets more involved. There's the case of a sub that came home early. No spouses were there when they got home even though the three women that were supposed to start the spouse phone tree were informed. Seems that about 80% of the spouses were currently in jail for being part of a prostitution ring, run by the wives of the CO and XO.
  14. LurkMode, sucks what happened to you. Even if its for many more reasons, it still not acceptable. Especially for someone who risked their lives for the freedom we all take for granted. For that, I thank you
  15. Condescending and prickish. I APPROVE! Well done sir and also thank you for your service.
  16. Please, please please please tell me you don't know it won't fit in anything smaller than a horse from experience. :eek:
  17. Fat chicks? Nevermind, you'd probably want to stick with horses
  18. Hey fat chicks need lovin too! :hello::hello:

    And hey, good head can't be beat :p
  19. You know why fat chicks give such good head? Because they LOVE to eat!
  20. yeah dude fuck it. Knock off a few inches. It can't hurt that bad.

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