I've got a couple of autos going outside, stretch & bloom nute suggestions.

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  1. I'm doing my first outdoor grow in 12 gallon Earthbox with Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend organic soil and have been feeding their organic 5-2-4 fertilizer with epsom salts added (once) and occasional Neptune's Harvest 2-3-1 fish and seaweed emulsion. The plants are closing in on 7 weeks since planting. One is doing well, the other is a runt. Both are Bonza Seed Girl Scout Cookies. What should I be adding for the end game? Or is what I'm using enough? I want to keep all organic after suffering some nute burn last winter. Any suggestion to help the runt? I think it's just a bad seed. IMG_3562.JPG IMG_3558.JPG
  2. kelp meal and malted barely powder (buy malted barely at brew shop and grind when needed)
    top dress those once a week or every other week. in a 12gallon id do 1tbs kelp and 2tbs MBP top dress and water it in. if you can add aloe very juice to your water (at 1/4 cup pure aloe per gallon, or 1/4tsp of the x200 aloe powder).
    i do this all the time, from start to end.
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  3. Thanks!
  4. Exhausted barley or just malted.
  5. idk what exausted is. you want the whole grain they sell in beer brewing shops. light is better as the darker ones are toasted and that degrades the enzymes. so a pale ale, or pilsner are what you want. you can grind before applying in a coffee grinder or if you have a flour mill even better.
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  6. Water.

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  7. the thing is, if your soil is nice and rich in organic matter, high quality compost/castings etc. there is no need to do anything different between veg and flower. our inputs are regular and consistent no matter what phase the plant is in.
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  8. I have a jar of Recharge left over from last winter's grow. Is that beneficial outdoors, or does the molasses attract insects?
  9. 12 gallons of soil should finish two lil autos w nothing but water the entire time.
    I'd chalk up the runt to bad genetics. Most autos are.
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  10. I'm growing in Coast of Maine Bar Harbor blend. Not as hot as their Platinum Blend (I grew 16 corn plants in the Platinum in 2 15 gallon air pots and yield 3 dozen ears of great corn). Lobster and aspen bark compost, spaghum peat moss, seaweed and perlite.
  11. sounds like you have a good mix. you can also look into adding neem meal to your amendment list. neem in particular is beneficial for its insecticidal properties but also has a nutritional value. not to be confused with neem oil (which is great in itself as a pest management foliar)
  12. I just added the Kelp and ground malted barley and watered it in with a solution of water and Neptune's Harvest fish and seaweed emulsion.

    IMG_3574.JPG IMG_3575.JPG IMG_3576.JPG
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  13. plants look happy and healthy! :thumbsup:
  14. Thanks. They're just not getting enough light. Today's another cloudy day.
  15. So, I brought the two autos inside last week and put them into my grow tent under a 600 Watt Mars Hydro LED and a 450 Viparspectre LED. I should just chop the runt, it's not going anywhere. The bigger girl has definitely benefited from being under good quality light for 16 hours a day, but I'm not sure that it will end up being much of a producer. It's not showing any sign of being close to finished, but it will be 2 months old next week and I'm not sure how long the flower period will last. It sure smells sweet however. IMG_3588.JPG IMG_3590.JPG IMG_3591.JPG
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  16. I chopped the runt. My fear was that the bad genetics could cause it to hermie. IMG_3547.JPG
  17. Auto are "light whores"! If you are not using the sun, give them 20 hours of light a day inside. They need the extra hours to compensate for such a short life span. They will not yield a good result with 16 hours of light.

  18. Thanks. I chopped the runt for fear it would hermie on me. I'm running the remaining plant 24/0 with 1200 watts of LED on it.
  19. IMG_3601.JPG IMG_3605.JPG IMG_3604.JPG IMG_3603.JPG

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  20. I have found that 20 and 4, is actually better that 24/0 especially at the end. I think its good to give them a few hours of sleep, and to let the temps drop a little during the lights off period. I have been doing autos for years now, and have it pretty well dialed in.
    Next round, try adding malted (spouted) blue corn, ground up in coffee grinder, just as you did the barley, when you want veg to end. Do this a couple times over a couple week period. This will kick them into bloom and really boost your yields. Its the trick if they seem to want to veg longer than you want them too. This has worked on about 20 different strains.
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