ive got 4 seedlins when do they need light

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  1. hi ive never done this before, i have 4 seedlins just wondering when to put them under my 400w HPS light

    the seeds still have the seed casing on them but they have a small root coming out of them they still in moist tissue i wanna know when do i plant them n put them under my light
  2. plant them when a small tap root is coming out of the bottom. keep them in a warm dark place till they pop up. then put them under a cfl bulb for a week or so and pop them under hps, keep it far away or it will burn them and dry out the soil quick
  3. I planted my seeds with the root down. 2 days later they sprouted. I'm using a 600w mh so I kept it like a full meter away. Now I'm at 40cm I think and I still could go closer but the damn wire wont go that far .. even after I placed the pots on top of stuff to build them closer. meh.

    once you see 1mm of root - you can plant em. root down or to the side. bury them like 1.5cm under the soil. Make sure the soil isn't too compact as the seedling might not make it to the top and rot..

    best of luck mate
  4. yeah there is a small root coming out now thing is the 400HPS is the only light i have i dont have any money for a few weeks yet still paying for this bloody HPS ballast so am pennyless for at least 4 weeks what can i do with these seeds till i have the money to buy a CFL
  5. if you want your plants to be closer dont move the light move your plants e.g the easy wayput your plants on a box to raise them or if you want the wire to be longer go and buy an extention if you can but raising the plats on a box is easy and doesnt cost nothing you can always remove the box when they get to the hight you need
  6. keep the 600w far away and the temps controlled . too hot they will die
  7. this. and also, i find it hard to believe you cant scrape $10 for a pack of cfls. cfls of the right spectrum will benefit more than hps in this early seedling stage.
  8. i dont have 600w the other person has :D
    i just have a 400w HPS theres a little heat but not much and my plants are gonna be at least 3 foot away from my light im just wondering when the best time to put my new plant seedlings under it
  9. i cant scrape any money together i dont even have 40p for a pack of rolling papers am that skint i cant work so i find it difficult to find money am litterally that skint ive got £30 to pay for this ballast im paying £20 on tuesday morning then paying the other £10 in about 2 weeks time i might be able to get 1 then but i do have other things to pay for aswel theres my dogs medication he needs more now he almost ran out i dont want him to die theres my smokes my weed theres alsorts i need to pay i will get CFL but i cant just yet but i will thats the next thing i wanna buy

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