I've Been Robbed!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by peace=love, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone!
    I have been robbed. My friend and I were going to get a little over 4 oz. I was going to spot the money and get the tree, but I was going to be out of town. I had my friend get it. He likes doing that kind of stuff anyway. Now this guy is my best bro, and I know he wouldn't dick me over. Eventually I get a phone call saying we got robbed. The hispanic that he was getting it from walked away with the maney. We even knew this guy since we were kids cuz we used to play soccer together. So my friend new this guy was cool. But turns out he hated all over us. We knew that all of the hispanics hated us gringos, but my friend and I have always had good relations with them. We use to chill together and everything.
    Anyway when my friend told me the bad news, I was totally cool. I told him that we would 'do what we had to do to get the money back.' I was not in anyway reffereing to violence, but as we finished talking, my friend said he was going on a 'solo mission' (shit he's corny). What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I mean, who does he think he is, Steven Segal! So overall, it was not that big of a deal to me. I had money to get more that we could safely and almost legally sell to break even. I figure, that this dude need the money so bad that he had to rob from local friends in our incredibly small community (so small that everyone knows everyone across several towns). Anyone who needs money that bad and steals it at the risk of being hurt, is either nuts or desperate. I don't want to start a freaking war (which has happened before in our community) over a silly little amount of herb cash stolen. So I say let the guy have the money and his glory. Even if my friend backs off (which he will), he will still be paranoid that we are out to get him. Luckily, he knows my friend is nuts, so he probably is not banking on the fact that I am a die hard pacifist.
    In conclusion:
    I am curious, whether this has happened to other people, and if so, what dd they do about it? Is there any way we could peacefully get the weed or the money? I have tostled a bunch of ideas, but violence is not one of them, even though that is often the urge of most men filled with beautiful hormone testosterone. Obviously in the future, Im not going to trust anyone, even if they are my friend, and Im deffinatly going to be there when the deal goes down. So respond if you wish and if you havn't been deterred by this prolonged thread. harmoni and life brothas and sistas.

  2. Violence is human nature. I don't know much money was involved, but in my area a quap is anywhere from 750-900. Break that fool.
  3. fucking up cars is always fun too
  4. We get it easily for 500, but thats just cuz my bro knows everyone.
    Im still not in favor of fucking up cars, cuz I have one and so does my friend, and I would be pretty ticked if someone wrecked me.
  5. and ide be pretty ticked if i got jacked for $500 so give this motherfucker what hes got coming
  6. $500 is still a lot of money.

    I agree that getting your car fucked is the most annoying shit ever. But, YOU'RE not the one who stole $500 dollars. I understand the whole peace and harmony thing, but seriously. I don't know what you do for a living, but for a lot of people $500 is a paycheck. Beating someone to a pulp is illegal yes, and it's a felony, but so is possession over an once in most states. Think about that.
  7. Thats fucked up. If i got jacked for that much shit would be broken
  8. if he has a pet, would u compromise and kill his pet, leaving a note telling him to drop off the money or else.... atleast its not human vs human violence...
  9. I would kill the person that jacked me before their pet. Animals are my weakness. But I wouldn't kill anyone anyway, just rough 'em a bit.
  10. Man, a good beating never hurt anyone.

  11. fuck that bitch up man thats not like u got jacked 20 bucks thats like a shitload of money....dont just let it slide....fuck peace for right now and break his face and get ur money
  12. Dude, im all for finding the peaceful way out but somtimes exceptions should be made. What I cant understand is how you can be so calm about getting jacked 500$ thats a huge amount of cash.
  13. I'm a pretty relaxed person, but five hundred dollars man. Blacklist his ass by telling everyone who smokes in your community that he beat you for your money. Then burn his house down, or fuck his mom or sister or something and video tape it and show everyone.

  14. thats a good one man. but im way to much of a wuss to hurt an innocent creature.
    everyone seems to prefer hate over letting the cook get off, but has anyone gotten reveng this way before? if so, how did it work out?
  15. beat that mother fucker's ass imediately, if not sooner

  16. naw his pet diddnt do anything, dont fuck with that

    WHATEVER you do, dont make it directly traceable back to yourself, UNLESS you have PROOF hes a "dealer"
  17. come to think of, black mail sounds like my kind of game
  18. i dont think blackmail would work too well though. seeing as how you were tryin to buy 4oz of weed off him yourself. you need to do somethin though. thats not cool, jackin 500 bucks
  19. I didn't quite get robbed, but my friend too my weed and money to school to sell while I was in Europe, and some dogs sniffed him out.

  20. bummer buddy

    im going to let everyone know what my decision is, but im still having a hard time deciding. wish me luck.

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