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I've been RIPPED for 19 hrs. off of 2 Firecrackers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PaperZonly, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Just like it says, I've been ripped since yesterday 130pm off of firecrackers.:D It is now 8/15 am the next day, and I think I finally got the baking method right and I must say Decarboxylizing is the TRUTH!!!! I ate my 1st at around 12pm yesterday, and another at 830 last night. I was ripped ALL day and passed out before 12 AM so the 2nd firecracker never really even had peaked until I was asleep. I must be catching the end of that 2nd firecracker because I woke up "high" not "stoned".:cool: I've been ripped off of edibles before and they carried on until the next day. They usually either don't work at all, or they work for a long long time. I think I'll stick with decarbing any edible I make from now on. I took a few gravs yesterday too, but I smoke my grav as an everyday method anyway, but I can just kinda tell I'm still on an edible.:) These things were pretty heady feeling in the beginning, but then it kinda shifted to a body high, like some of my senses were a lot more sensitive, my sense of humor seemed to broaden, and I was coming off with some random hilarious statements that sober people were cracking up at, and they didn't even know that I was on these firecrackers. If you've tried these before and they didn't work, try decarbing your bud before you make your firecracker. I actually dig the taste too:D. I put a full G on each one. I used cinnamon graham crackers, and Jif peanut butter. I used the whole graham cracker, regular long rectangular ones, dont break it in half, spread peanut butter on both crackers, sprinkle your bud and make a sandwich out of it w/ this concoction. Surface area is a big deal when you sprinkle your budon, so for using a full G, 2 whole crackers are necessary. Ill prob do these again today ya diiiiiiiiiiiig:eek: I also woke up belching weed and peanut butter
  2. hell yea i was high all thanksgiving weekend long lol but i was smoking lol
    maybe one of these days i will try edibles
  3. Wall of text 1..Wonton Soup 0
  4. i want some wonton soup right now
  5. I gotta try this I've never made firecrackers
  6. Decarboxylizing is like microwaving your bud beforehand, isn't it?
  7. First and only time i made them, i had two within the hour beause i didnt think the first was working. That was around 8pm one night, then i decided to go to weis with my buddy, where the crackers peaked. I was actin so goofy i went up to pay and the old black lady goes" boy are you on somethin?" i fucking lost it right there. I was fucked into the next morning.
  8. gotta give this a whirl

  9. Idk but you can vape it or bake it
  10. At first I was trying to process how you were ripped off, then I realized you were talking about being high

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