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I've been looking, but still could use help..

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TheHempress, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. Has anyone read any legitimate reports on the effects of smoking while pregnant? I read an article in Cannabis Culture that it's not as bad, but I'd like to read some more to back it up.

  2. hempress,... i been there, smoked both marijuana and cigarets for the first trimester didnt know i was pregnant yea yea ya'll say. i was still taking birth controll pills and hada regular period. i was quite honest with my obgyn,...ya know they were more concerened about my cigarrets than the weed. as i told them i was a daily smoker for the 3+ months.... i cried thought it would hurt my baby. they said it would be good idea to stop but again told me the cigaretts were the problem.so after that i did alot of reading. there are pro,s and cons to both sides. its been a long time but i found quite a bit of information from reputable souces on the internet.
    my advice....
    you should probably bring it up to your ob dr. that you had been smoking before you found out you were pregnant. see what they say....im sure they will tell you to stop but assure you that you have not harmed your baby just as mine did

    an congratulations again :)
    *edit..if youd like to talk about whatever im here.
  3. you were pregnant and still had a regular period?
  4. its not uncommon for lotsa ladies
    i also have hormonal problems (wouldnt that just figure) its a thyroid disorder.. soo that and i was on the birthcontroll pill that kept my period comming every 28 days reguardless. being my 3rd child i knew without a doubt even tho i was having periods i was pregnant...as jilly once said girls JUST KNOW THINGS. anyhow yep prego witha a period.
  5. Smoking pot is most likey horrible for an unborn fetus. It's way worse than cruel and unusual punishment to expose an unborn baby to a mind altering substance. Death to all mothers that would do that crap(on purpose).
  6. I decided that today shall be my last smoking day ever. I am going to smoke one bowl, and that's it. I guess I'll have to wait...I forget who said it, but they were right. By the time this is all over my tolerance will be reset again...so there's something to look forward to :D
  7. Congrats on your baby. I'm glad to see that you are taking no chances with your child. From what I've read, children of mother who toke while pregnant are less intelligent. You want to give you kid every advantage possible in life. Just think of how you can tell the truth to your child instead of letting him/her be influenced by the media and government. I'm sure this will be the beginning of a wonderfull experience for you.
  8. *congrats*

  9. that is soooo important nowdays.

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