i've been in jail before.

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  1. Ok, i know no one gives a shit hahahhah lol but its just things that i really regret

    i've been locked up 3 times

    first time was for stabbing a guy 4 times and luckly he didn't die he was in the hospital for 3 weeks and i stabbed him when i was 16 cause he beat up my lil bro and asked him to say that he is gay and your my daddy .

    second time was for beating up a cop for grabbing my friends sisters ass and tellng her that she cant do shit cause he is a cop i just beat him up but my frind broke his nose and sent him on a comma for 53 hours

    haha i know it sounds like im in like a gang and shit but not really im a peaceful guy

    third time was a week after my 19th birthday
    was cause my friend pointed a gun at a guy and i dunno why but i was invloved they brought up my name at first i was an eye witness and then i supplied the guy with the wepon which never happened

    and you know what im a lawyer now i took the job i wrote a thread about and im making good money in a really respectful position and im working with great people

    my dad was right you learn from your mistakes\
    ps i still graduate but im still working as a lawyer hahah crazy what you could do over here
  2. You are one crazy mother.
  3. Sick Story.
    Ive been to jail once but ill never doing something to get myself caught.
    well some but not big ones.
    but this should be in real life stories?
  4. You're hardcore bro.

    But as for me, I'm not goin the route of my Dad so I plan on never bein' in the 'Pen
  5. haha thanks general is for everything plus i didnt say how it all happend with the details hahah

    your some cool bros ;)

    *gay Momment* hahha fuck that lol
  6. was in the hall, nothing special. possession with intent to sell. fucking sucked.
  7. Dude, you're not a lawyer. Maybe you work for one or you like watching Law and Order, but please don't pretend to be something you're not.
  8. mmhhmm well atleast in my cpr in says im a lawyer so yeah and listen i've been stuying law for a year i know but once you have contacts or good at what you do then you would be anything you want even if you were 13 with out going to school.

    and i know who i am and what i do.

    and yeah man this dude told me in jail the first time i swear it sounded so wise he was like

    *if you fear then dont do but if you have done then dont fear*

    my new sig.
  9. Ok...
  10. haha whats wrong dude? why cant you belive?
  11. Because you write like you're 10....
  12. omg its blutteufel dude my english is bad and man are you an english teacher? why do you always care about grammer in each and every post? the whole point is you understanding

  13. What is the law that entitles someone to a certain property without compensation if they squat or utilize the land without reprimand or warning for a period of time (10-20 years) depending on the area?
  14. I don't. Nice try.
  15. Hah, good question. I remember this term from law school; I knew it would come in handy one day. Here's a hint OP; it's two words and it might take you a while to find it using Google.
  16. The story is bull shit.
  17. I think Acidtrip is trying to say that he is from a different country and English is his second language. Also that in his country "lawyer" may not have the same meaning as it does here in the US. He may be able to work in some compacity on cases before he graduates.
  18. Ah ok, now that may make sense.
  19. You sound totally legit.

    I'd hire you.
  20. ummm..

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