I've been high for 4 days

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  1. Thursday night I went over to a friends house & we all hung out & smoked some weed. But now it's Sunday morning & I'm still feeling a body high. I've been smoking almost every weekend for the past five months so it's not like I'm new to it. It is spring break so I've been smoking more often than I usually would. And on Thursday I smoked more than I usually would have, usually I'll take 2-3 bong hits and stop and I'll wake up in the morning and be fine. I probably took at least 8, I don't really remember. But anyway it's the 4th day and my body high is still here. Like my body feels tingly and light and I forget doing things sometimes and everyday tasks are just difficult. I've tried showering and sleeping and eating and going outside and doing things and nothing seems to be working. My main concern is how long is this going to last and when will it go away?
  2. Most blades here have been high for years, myself included. I remember when i first started smoking in 1933 i would get ridiculous high from a few joints (didnt really have bongs back then the way they have them now) and the next day i would still feel a little high. If i could give you one tip its this: right now since youre just starting your tolerance will be very low and youll get super high off a few hits. Dont ever let that change. Cherish your low tolerance, i wish i did when i still had it. Because it will get to a point were you cant stay high for more than an hour or two and you have to take tolerance breaks

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    I wish I could find weed that would keep me high for 4 days straight.
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  4. I don't think op is talking about weed
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  5. Omae wa mo shindeiru
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  6. So what? I been high for years.......
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  8. No offense, but I personally do not consider being high for 4 days a 'problem'. Also yes, it will go away.

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  9. This happened to me back in '98. Needless to say i haven't smoked since and i still feel the way you've explained. Been high for 18 years. Quite remarkable. You'll get used to it.
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  10. Welcome to my world

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  11. Lmao high for 18 years
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  12. I have been high for like 3 years. RIP brain cells
  13. Hahaha, this made me feel like doing the math and I've been high for 898 days.
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