Ive been hearing excruciatingly loud sounds in my head lately..

Discussion in 'General' started by DDV, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Like really loud binaural beats but at a really high frequency. I can hear it now... its absolutely filling my ears.. and I hear it anytime I'm in silence really..

    Is this because of phones/tv/electronics? Or is this somehow normal or something?
  2. You obviously need a tinfoil hat.
  3. God damn it. I didnt even mention anything supernatural..
  4. TMJ my dude, google it.
  5. possible ear infection?
  6. Rofl great first comment.

    did you hear any really loud noises? Go shooting? Do unmentionables? etc. Is it only at your house or does it happen everywhere? If it's just in your house it may be one of your electronics.
  7. Sounds like tinitus too me! I have had it in my right ear for almost 3 years now. It is a constant high pitch ringing in my ear and if I have complete silence it fills my right ear and feel like it gets louder and louder, I have to fall asleep with background noise.

    Go see a ENT>>>?
  8. I had this happen at a friends house once, and every time I went down there. I know I have amazing hearing and can pick up high frequency noises most people can't hear and many electronics drive me crazy, but anyway back to this friends house, so I couldn't hear people talk it was so loud and no one else could hear it, it drove me crazy, then I started to follow the noise to it's source, and ended up at an outlet with a device plugged into it that emits a high frequency noise that people can't hear to keep mice out of your house....
  9. I can kinda identify with you man. If im somewhere with complete silence i can start to hear this really high pitched noise that just gets louder and louder until it hurts. Doesnt always happen but every once in awhile, not nearly as much as when i was younger though.

    I dunno if this counts, but i use to experience auditory hallucinations (conversations, radios, televisions, you name it i heard it) all the fucking time.

  10. TV's are the worst. You can hear that super high pitched squeal from the other side if the house.
  11. Sometimes when I'm charging my phone or watching tv I hear a high pich buzz, haven't in a while though
  12. I've never heard of anything like that before. Definitely get it checked out man.
  13. I have the same thing, tinnitus. There's no cure for it I'm pretty sure so just gotta deal with it. You'll get used to it eventually and it's like it's not even there.... );

  14. yup i have it mildly it doesnt get so loud it hurts but sometimes when its silent i hear ringing. My doctor had me on wellbutrin and that made it really bad every single day like 5 times a day.

    And i hear people talking randomly when theres nobody there i hate it.
  15. It's HAARP mannn
  16. That's the marijuana giving you schizophrenia.
  17. Probably just....


    Or, ask your doctor. ;)
  18. have u been exposed to loud music numerous times? i get that ringing in my ear and my doctor said i had lost about 5% of my hearing in the left ear. i dont know about u.

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