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Ive been getting weird highs now that I started smoking againHELP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LoneStarStoner, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Alright so I used to be a pretty big pot head, I would smoke everyday, multiple times a day. I never felt like there was a point where I couldnt smoke another bowl, and no matter how high I was I could always keep my cool but now things are different.
    I took a break from smoking for a while and Ive taken long breaks in the past and when I start back up nothing would be different other than my tolerance might be somewhat lower but thats it. But for some reason since Ive been smoking after this last break Ive been getting really high and my high and the way I act is different. At first I thought it was just my tolerance dropped or something and things would go back to normal eventually but its been a while and nothing has changed. My tolerance is definitely lower cause I get high really quick but I dont mind that at all cause I use less weed but I dont like how my highs are now. I get really quite and awkward and anti social. It becomes hard for me talk to people and hold a conversation even with people who are really close to me. Its like I cant think of what to say at all and when I do say something I mumble and am very quite, whats weird is Im fully aware of how awkward Im being but I still cant change the way Im acting no matter what I try to do or say. I try to talk and have a converstation but I end up saying something weird or I just forget what I was going to say (I do that when Im not high too because of a medical issue)
    I also get where I start doing random things like ill keep taking sips of my drink, change positions, look at something on my phone and shit like that, I think the reason I do that is cause for some reason I think its going to make me look less awkward but than I think I just make it worse. I also sometimes feel like Im zoning out or something like maybe I get kind of dissociated. Another thing is me and a friend will plan to go somewhere and we will before and than I end up not really wanting to go anywhere or do anything. I used to be fine going anywhere no matter how high I was I just dont understand why things are so different. At first I thought maybe I was getting to high but Ive tried not getting as high and Ive tried just smoking reggie but its still the same. I just wanna enjoy my high like I used to and be really baked and perfectly fine in public or around anyone even strangers, and I want to stop being so awkward while Im high.
    Does anyone know why this is happening and why is everything so different for me now and how can I stop this and go back to how I used to be.

  2. From my personal experience, I never enjoyed going out or being around other people when I'm high anyway. The way your brain reacts to THC can change over time. I feel like its alot easier to go out in public stoned when your young and still have excess energy to burn. There is actually alot of people that feel the way you feel. Keep trying little micro bowls, it may straighten itself out.

  3. Holy fuck, you just explained why I stopped smoking. I used to be avid smoker, then all of those things starting happening as well I try to smoke every now and again but the same stuff starts happening.

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  4. That's pretty much what happens to me every time I smoke. I've kinda gotten use to it now and it doesn't bug me. I actually love being high. I know exactly what you mean though about feeling awkward when talking and doing weird repetitive things. Sometimes when I'm high these weird words that don't make since keep forming in my mind. For me I usually have a hard time not smiling, I look around a lot at people because I feel like they're watching me, and I usually do repetitive things like touching my hair, sipping a drink a lot, and just moving around a lot. I also feel like I shiver or twitch when I'm high; I just can't seem to stay still. Sometimes when other people are in conversation I feel so focused and I feel like I have tunnel vision. I get pretty damn baked every time for some reason.


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