I've been constantly stoned for about two weeks. perfect

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by postblue, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. hey, i haven't been able to get on much lately, i've been too stoned constantly for the past week or two :hello:

    my days have been going:
    wake up, smoke weed, go out and meet friends, smoke more, stumble thruogh my door, crash on the couch eating in silence with someone and then SLEEP !

    and lately i've smoked in some cool places, on the rooftop of an old warehouse, in my friends cave (awesome down there) and a really pretty church
    perfect:D anyone wanna share any stories from lately?

    ( i dont actually know what this thread is about... just wanted to share my little story haha)

    take care gc xx
  2. I used to smoke every day all day for months...

    How old are you? Cause you don't have a job nor do you go to school ?
  3. I ocassionally will take a week to my self to just blaze it up with my wife and just totally zone out. I always follow it with a 3 week break of booze and pot though

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