iVapor RX (Trippy Stick) - Questions?

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  1. So last weekend I went to The Green Door in SF and bought this thing (and an 8th girl scout cookies!). There's been a good amount of talk about this thing so I figured I'd post and answer any questions you guys have.

    I know there are a few of these out now (Omnicron, iVapor RX, AtmosRX and I'm sure others). I personally got the iVapor RX, why? Because it wast the only one they had lol. I don't have any info on the other vape pens / w/e they're called so please don't ask.

    So here is the basics on this thing...

    It's about 4 inches tall and about a half an inch wide / deep.

    Each cartridge contains 60-80 (more like 40-60 hits) out of each one.

    Right now the flavors I have seen are Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. I have only tried GSC and honestly, it tastes like hash oil lol (I can't see different flavors changing too much, to me most oils taste the same, the highs obviously will be different).

    The high, it's pretty great I must say. I used to rip out of the bong multiple times a day and this thing does the job in a much easier way. You simply hold down the button and inhale until it blinks, then hold in the vapor as long as you can an exhale. By 3-4 full hits, you'll be pretty medicated. 1-2 and you'll have a good buzz.

    It charges via USB (no batteries!) and the charge lasts pretty long. So far i've only charged it in the car when I wasn't using it on a fair drive and it hasn't died once.

    I just got put up my bong on craigslist to sell, all thanks to this thing. I work all the time and have a pretty hectic life right now. Because of that it's hard to smoke when I want, even with a card it isn't right to go into meeting smelling dank as fuck lol. This thing gets rid of all the "negatives" of weed and gives you all the greats. I can smoke anywhere I want and in a healthier way. Now I'm not saying this is a bong killer lol. When I move out I'll have my bong sitting on the table when I get home....but it'll only be at home.

    My daily driver has now turned to this pen. It's healthier, gets you baked and you don't have to deal with the shittyness of changing batteries every hit, etc. For someone on the go that has to hide their weed smoking, this is simply the way to go.

  2. that thing is sick but i still don't understand fully how you load it..you buy the hash oil and load it in one end or something?

    ...either way its really cool

  3. basically it's just this little tube filled with hash oil that screws into the pen. The cartridge is also the mouth piece. All you do is screw it in and you're set.
  4. so you buy the tube already filled with oil or you can put your own oil in the tube?

    where can i buy one of these?

  5. so you buy the tube already filled with oil or you can put your own oil in the tube?

    where can i buy one of these?

  6. You buy the tube and have to buy the cartridges separately. You have to have a medical marijuana card and just ask a local dispensary to start selling them, or on weedmaps look up ivapor or cartridge in the strain search.
  7. Where are you buying your refills? Know of any place in SJ? I have the Ivapor and it came with 4 cartridges but i am out now.
  8. How much did you get it for bro?
  9. i got it for $250 and it included 4 Cartridges. Best way to smoke but down to my last one trying to find where to get refills at.
  10. 'nice thanks for the response...it seems really cool to bad my state is fucking bullshit or else i would have one of these today.
  11. Damn nice there 300 down here one cartridge charger cord and pen refills are 80 its ridiculous man. Wish I was up there or could get one flat rated to me.
  12. My problem is finding the refills. Im driving to SF tonight for Giants game and hear Green Door has them. Im gonna give them a try see how that works out. Suppose to have Girl Scout Cookies my new fav
  13. Yea they got cookies and only cookies (I want the Sour D lol). There aren't many places to get them.

    There's one in vallejo that's a pain in the ass to deal with (can't get ahold of them, when you do they normally don't know wtf they're talking about), there's one in Berkely that's pretty expensive (not for the cartridges though) and then green door. Haven't found any others :/
  14. Can you buy them online yet? I'm in socal.
  15. They have one at my local dispensary and was thinking on buying one. And would this be better than the mflb?
  16. Green Door - 175 for 5 sour D and cookies. Cookies are good. My first 4 were sour d

  17. Yes and no. It's a little more discreet as you can just say it's a e-cigarette and be fine most places. But you have to buy the cartridges, and they aren't always available, and in very limited strains. With a MFLB you can use whatever you got. I'd say try to test them both before making a purchase.
  18. Honestly, I'd go with the iVapor over the MFLB. A cartridge lasts long (I smoke pretty consistently and it lasted me 4 days). Also it's just easy as hell, why have batteries, grinder, loading and unloading, etc...you screw in a cartridge and go lol
  19. Ivapor is the way to go.
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    I just bought a E-Joint called LYFTED from a spot on Haight St. is that the same thing your talking about? If it is, MFLB needs alot more fairy dust to compete with this thing, Been puffin tough on the same cartridge for 2 days now. The decision is a no brainier in my opinion. And its cheaper $99 vs $129


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