Itza glass circ to 13 arm or ????

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    I am looking at the itza but are there other things I should be considering? I have a 5150 where the diffuser holes are all perfect and it looks like the ones on the itzas have some sort of chipping? That makes me kind of nervous.
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    Edit: They could be gridded, in which case it's better. Are you talking about the Circ or the Tree?
  3. Gonna have to show up pictures.

    I've never seen a poorly made Itza, and I own several of there pieces.
  4. I have an Itza 8/13 and they rip. The inside diameter of the 13 arm perc is huge so it hardly adds any drag. The circ/13 would definitely be sick. Itza definitely makes beautiful pieces. I have never seen one for sale anywhere that was clearly defective or poorly constructed.

    It might be worth while to look into the gridded mega-8 arm trees or the reflector percs they do as well. They both look absolutely amazing, each arm on the mega-8 is 14mm in diameter with 3 gridded slits. Their reflector percs are pretty unreal too, its like a cross between a circ and a tree.

  5. The slits in the tree don't look as fine cut as one my cheaper bong. Either way I'm getting it and ill post a vid when I do. I had a custom bowl made for me that arrived today but my roommate is out of town for 4 days and he is the only one with the key. SHIT
  6. I have the Itza mini-circ to 8-arm and I absolutely love it, drag is almost non-existent imo. The slits on the percs are definitely very fine and well made, and the joints are nice and thick too. Honestly mine was the better of two, but you really have to hold and inspect the piece yourself to decide if it lives up to your expectations of a $300-400 piece.

    I'd say the quality of the slits and such shouldn't be an issue though, I am looking in to a second Itza piece, but custom this time because the work is so clean. I have dropped the piece twice, once about 4ft on to carpet and another time about 3ft but on to hard wood floor. I am yet to see a crack, scratch, or blemish on it to this day *knock on wood*

    Let me know if you want pics of the slits on mine, bought it about 4 months ago so it is a pretty recent piece.
  7. Took a look at the Circ to 13 you're looking at, I think it's the camera/resolution.
  8. It very well may be. I wen't to a local shop today and they didn't have itzas but they had toros that were very nice looking. They were all worked and 30 percent off but I ended up coming home and ordering the Itza circulator to 13 arm model. Hopefully it'll come soon.
  9. I've ordered from them three times, if you went with the free shipping option (only option I've used), it's through USPS and will be there three business days from when they ship.
  10. yeah I used free shipping. I already feel like I got a great deal. I want that boomstack too, I just couldn't pass up on the itza for under 400 shipped. The milk vids got me.
  11. Show that beauty off when ya get it and excellent choice.

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