its Tulip time

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. hears the fat Tulip we smoked last night...thanks...peacecs....MrSbb

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  2. Nice dude. I've never smoked a Tulip, but one day...I bet that was a nice smoke though.
  3. Ok call me new but what is a tulip (sounds like a flower but what?) and why would you smoke a tulip?
  4. A Tulip is what you see in the picture above. It's like a souped up joint. The pointed part on the end is filled with the good stuff, and is then attached to a seperate joint. Basically, it's a joint with an extra weed-filled compartment on the end!
  5. thanx i didnt know lmao.
  6. yah some sites will show you how to rool joints like that thay have some raley hard looking one s to make but thay are fun to try iv made a few but the tulp one iv mad and i dont like it but thats me i like my proto pipe peace and sorry for bad spelling
  7. hey don't worry about the spelling, we know what you meant.......Peace out....Sid

  8. well yes and know that tobe u see going in to the cone shaped this is just a cig pack or a pappers pack just rolled up nicely, and the cone is filled to the gills with pot, gets u really high....thansk....peaces....MrSbb
  9. yeah i've made them before attaching it to a joint, good for a small group of people to share......Peace out....Sid

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