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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Stratos, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Let's go!

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  2. Nice line up! GL with the grow :)
  3. hell yeah man nice picks, make a journal ill be there
  4. Please journal this
  5. Indeed I will gentleman... This will me my 2nd grow, the first one was a so so harvest and a micro. I'm going ScrOG this time with about 600W, 1/2 Fox Farms Oceans mixed with 1/2 Roots organic, GH Flora nova series + molasses and homemade c02. Then the 1st clones I'm take, I'll flavor.

    Do you guys think I should start in 5 gallons so I don't have to worry about replanting?

    I've been having a problem with popping seeds... "I'm worried" I have some seeds germination for 6 days and the root tip wont grow, they've popped just wont grow out???
  6. I'm growing a g13 purple haze right now. Good plant. Doesn't like ppm over 800, trains well. Clones well too. I hit 1 mother and 1 flowering. Hoping to yield about 2-1/2 oz of it
  7. i use root riot cube thingys to germinate, with 100% success sofar uasually under 3 days, how are you poppin your seeds, ive personally never liked the papertowel methods or anything and u can stick the lil rootriot cube right into your 5 gal bucket of soil after its germinated, and shit if you have the space use em, bigger pot, less rootbound, bigger plants.
  8. Think I'm going to just go with over night soak then soil germination, so far the paper towel method sucks and after doing more reading. I understand that method is most used if you have a lot of seeds to spare, I don't wanna waste my seeds Anyway I thought the rockwool cube germ was for hydro?
  9. I can't see the pic what seeds did u get , did u get from the attitude
  10. Yep attitude. Pineapple Express, Northern Lights x Skunk, Purple Haze and Critical Mass.
  11. Nice if u get the chAnce get sensinseeds super skunk it's AMAZING
  12. theres a few brans root riot, rapid rooter, those are the things its not rockwool its like a spongy brown square, made of inert organic shit or something, idk smells like dirt and looks like dirt and work really well for me, easy to transplant into soil too. [​IMG] but hell yeah man cant wiat for pics, this is gonna be TIITTTEEE:smoke:

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