It's the year 2012......

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  1. Or some other year, doesn't matter. Humanity has been primarily destroyed by some catastrophic event. Be it a flu nuclear war, shifting of the poles, or some mystical occurrence, either way 99.9 percent of people are gone, leaving about 1 in 1000.

    In a small town you might very well be alone. In a large city other survivors will be around, but it's unlikely you know any.

    Where do you go first? What do you do first? What happens to humanity?
  2. C'mon dudes...someone has to play this game?
  3. I'd approach it the same way I'd approach a zombie apocalypse.

    Locked down compound
    Get the girl
    Re-establish civilization

    In that order.
  4. GUns
    plant seeds..hehe
  5. This is why it's fun.

    Guns? Where? Depending on the apocalypse, everyone will go for guns. Chances are if you're not in the initial rush, you'd have to forage homes for them. Then're going to want to practice, but keep enough for danger.

    Food....if there are still canned foods and stuff, we're good for a few years....minus the battles against other clans to steal canned foods from the walmart.

    Locked down compound. Even castles....could be seiged. What plans do you have for this?

    Get the girl.....saying you do find her....if she's all that....everyone else wants her to, likely many people would kidnap, rape, and murder with no law.

    Re-establish civilization? What you just grab a bunch of people, and assign people to roles? How do you go about this?
  6. Like others have said, I would start by getting lots of guns and ammunition. I would then try and find a spot of land where I could barricade myself and select others inside and gather the supplies to live off the land. Then civilization starts over, hopefully doing better on it's 2nd(?) try.
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    HOW would you get guns?

    There are a million gun stores in America, thankfully for us. Other nations would be sucking a bit more since guns are outlawed most places.

    There are other survivors, who are also going to want guns.

    Everyone is going to rush for guns, weapons, food, water, and a safe place to stay. You are rushing against many other people for these things.

    Any deeper thoughts, or do you guys all actually think there is going to be a gun store down the block, with nobody else looting it already?

    Keeping in mind 999, out of all 1000 of the people you know died. You can't just fucking walk into a gun store alone, and hope to be buddies with everyone around you. Especially the first have a decent chick with you. Cause every guy with a gun is going to want her.
  8. I'd set up camp inside my local Wal*Mart Supercenter. In my town, if anyone did manage to survive, I know that's the first place they'd go, and hopefully I wouldn't have to worry about fighting them for food or resources because a full Wal*Mart should suffice for only a few people, at least for a little while.

    If there were zombies in this scenario, I'd be in charge of the gun center! :smoke:

    Ahem... From there, a good while down the road after the non-perishable foods were gone or very low, I'd start scouring the highways for food trucks with canned goods and such, but to be honest the chances of me making it that far without offing myself are slim to none. Think about it: friends and family are all gone, nothing to work towards, nothing to look forward to... the monotony would definitely get me.
  9. I would rob the shit out of best buy.
  10. Well I would hopefully be able to gather enough rational people together who understand that working together makes it better for everybody where as going against the world will result in a far more difficult life. If I were to gather this group I would hopefully be able to work with them to get the supplies a lot faster and more efficiently than the people going solo.

    If I am alive and this happens, most likely I would not be able to get my ideal survival situation going, but hopefully I'd be able to survive in general.
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    I like your views :)

    I don't agree though. In the worst moments of human life, our priorities are not family and friends, but instead food, water, shelter. Knowing that while 1 in 1000 survived, that leaves thousands of survivors........plenty of potential for rebuilding, rebirth, and a new life.
  12. first i would walk to the local gun store an steal a shit ton of guns an ammo then id find a building that is guarded an sturdy at bolth intrentses an then id go door to door with my gun an clear out houses look for essentials (pot food survivors antibiotics) yea perty much what id be doing all day everyday:smoke:
  13. It's going to be like "The Road". No food, no animals, and the only people left are resorting to cannibalism.
  14. whoa ur tottaly right man:eek:
  15. I'd bang dudeimoncoke, have kids. Ya know, the usual.
  16. Fuck mad bitches is the obvious answer unless you're gay. Or female.
  17. Even if your female, the only right answer is "fuck mad bitches"
  18. Ok like 5 people have said, "I would walk to the gun store"

    So lets assume, for state of play that only the GC community walked to the gunstore.....chances are you won't be the only person there.....based on the GC community alone...since EVERYONE is headed there.

    So you got guns......lets say all GC members get guns, and now you got a party going....what NOW?

    See where I'm trying to go with this :)
  19. Admittedly, at the end of the word, I would ensure you didn't last long, with that theory :)
  20. Welll, that is if we all decide to go to the exact same gunstore. In that case, instead of banhammers, mods would carry ban .44s and shoot irl trolls.

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