Its the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by flowerchild420, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. Ok...........My friday night has officially sucked to say the least!!!!! I have been at work for almost 24 hrs now and I do hope that my relief shows up a 7am so I can go home!!!!!!! This isnt how anyone should have to spend a friday night!!!! I even debated on going out to my car and taking a couple of hits off a joint but I decided that wouldnt be in my best interest!!!!!!! So, I'm about half asleep, drinking cup after cup of coffee and I still think the clock has ceased to move in about an hour!!!!!!!!!

    But I shall make up for it tomorrow!!!!!!! I'm going clubbing even though I shall have to run from the DJ since I must have rocked his world last weekend because now he is chasing me everywhere!!!!! I knew my pussy was good but damn, I didnt want a stalker!!!!! LOL. Men are indeed crazy 99% of the time!!!!!!!

    But I was bored so I thought I would say hi and I do hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!

    Peace with lots of stoner love (and for you special few, I'll even add some kisses in all the right spots with my tongue ring........LOL).
  2. The right places for some are the wrong places for others...




    Don't poke me there...

    btw i'm having a shitty weekend too, the guy that was supposed to sell me shrooms said he didn't have enough, there's no marijuana in a ten mile radius of my house, and there's nothing to do. oh well, if you would be so kind I'm ready for more pokes in the wrong places ;)
  3. happy weekend flowerchild420! :) enjoy clubbing if you haven't gone already, the weekend's all about living it up :D
  4. hey flowerchild did they ever find out who the saline bandit was at your work?
  5. I'm still sore and hungover from last night!!!!!!! LOL. I had forgotten how awful you feel after a good night of clubbing!!!!! And thank god I have 2 more days off and I'm enjoying everyone of them.

    And Nubbin.........we all know who did it, but it will more than likely never be proved! The whole situation still pisses me off when I think about it!!!!!! Oh well, I'll just smoke another joint and enjoy my days off!!!!!!

    I do hope everyone else's weekend was a good one!!!!!!

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