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  1. Obviously it's that time to get our tax returns back here in the good ol' USA. I'm starting a new grow and I'm not going to cut major corners and use cheap soils or nutrients.
    I'm thinking I want to run 3 autos in 3 to 5 gallon fabric pots.
    I'm ordering everything so I thought I'd post my shopping carts from both eBay and Amazon. Only major corner cut is maybe carbon filter. I plan on diy for that. If you can convince me not to I'll probably get one.

    So here's my eBay cart

    2 300w Mars hydro

    47" x 24" x 59" grow tent

    250 ppm colloidal silver for feminized seeds since I'll only do autos

    4 inch inline fan
    And general hydroponics cal mag and general hydroponics rapid start
    Total is $293
    My Amazon cart is
    This pH meter

    This Coco coir

    And along with 3 part general hydroponics nutrients

    I just want to hear what you guys have to think or maybe add some other things. I'm not trying to spend alot sine the wife would throw a pissy fit.

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  2. Sounds almost identical to my set up before i added a tent \HPS.

    What are your plans for your garden? Do you see your self upgrading parts of it in the near future?
    Are you in a prohibited state?

    Why do you want to go with autos?
  3. I think you can get some nice herb with this set up
  4. The main reason im using this size tent is because if I need to it fits perfectly in my unused clolset.
    My closet it 27 inches back to front. I could run two tents but they usually run 24" x 24" on the bottom or 35" x 35" or like the one I'm getting. So anything over 27" is out of the question. And the 24" x 24" is to small for the weight I'd like to pull.
    I was really looking at this tent so I could clone but the flower chamber is just way to small
    Im using autos so I can just keep popping seeds and place everything in the same tent every 30-40 days. That's why I got the colloidal silver. I got high ppm so I can add it in some distilled water and make some seeds with the pollen I get. Other wise ordering seeds would be expensive
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  5. I'm running this one, using it since 12\20\16 and no issues so far.

    I just ask about final grow set up because I have upgraded a few times and wish I would have just done it how I wanted the first time.
  6. How hard is it to keep your tent cool? It gets super hot here in the summer and I know I'd need a cool tube. I don't have central air
  7. Yeah get a cool tube if it gets hot. Heat issues suck.
  8. Mine area is pretty cool as is so a wing isn't an issue.

    I have used a 1000w HP's in a 3x4x8 closet and used a enclosed hood with good results in the heat dept.

    Just use a good fan and you'll be good.
  9. for nutes I'd skip the 3 part and just get the 2 parts of micro and bloom, the grow(green) isn't necessary. Make sure to get some calmag also. I've been using the 'h3ad' formula for coco for years with amazing's a modified lucas formula designed for coco. It's 6ml micro, 9ml bloom, and about 2 ml calmag ph'd at 5.8
    I highly recommend this simple formula...I start seedlings and clones at 50% str for the first week or 2 then they get the 100% strength until flush.
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  10. If heat is or will be an issue, look to led. They are pretty cheap now and result would be 85-100% result as hps. Also can keep it closer so more height room for plants to grow. Less likely to cause a fire vs. hps bulb. Even though anything electronic is a fire hazard to a percent. But I'll take less anytime.

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  11. Hey thanks for the help! You seem to know your shit lol. So I can use 6ml micro, 9ml bloom, and about 2 ml calmag ph'd at 5.8 and never change the formula until harvest? And I do have done general hydroponics cal mag in the shopping cart
  12. Yeah I have 2 300w Mars hydro leds in the shopping cart
  13. You seem to know your shit. Have you ever made a diy carbon filter? I'm running a 4 inch inline fan and I know eventually I'll need to scrub the smell.
  14. the 6/9 formula will work great all through veg and flower. Later on you can reduce the N in flower and add a bloom booster or w/e if you wanna fuck around, but the basic mix works great too.
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  15. What do you mean by the "6/9" formula? Sorry for all the questions.
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  16. the nute formula I described above.
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  17. Okay that's what I thought. Thanks again. I see you have experience in building cabs and boxes. Have you ever diy'd a carbon filter?
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  18. Never made one myself. The carbon scrubber is expensive but it will last you for years. You can DIY for cheaper and it would work. I have can-lite 6" to fit my 6" exhaust fan. The can-lite is one of the top filter and it cost around $140. If you are handy and have the tools and time, why not.

    Spending $140 and will last me 4+ years is well worth the investment to help keep it low key. No smell, no leak, no messing with diy.

    Save 140, and do your own and you can easily recharge the carbon and your diy filter can be reuse. Wouldn't look at pretty but functional and save $$$.

    Carbon scrubber not needed until you get to flower 12/12 stage week 2+. So you got a lot of time to either save up or get a diy project filter done.

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  19. I've built quite a few diy filters. Mostly small ones for my custom boxes...which are made of pencil holders and work great.

    I did build a big one once..after I was done I wish I had just bought one. After the price of materials, and tools and work, I didn't save enough money to make it worth my time to build. I recommend just buying one..actually buy a slightly oversized one it will work better and last much longer.

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