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its so sad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zlideways, May 18, 2010.

  1. I can only go 2 days without smoking marijuana.

    blah blah weed isn't addicting I have had such a bad head ache all day and can not sleep or eat I need to hit my bong.

    The reason I post this is because I'm looking for anyone who feels the same because I fear I will never be able to stop. As most of you will say its all in your head sure it might be, but it is bothering my head TOO much I have to smoke to keep my shit straight. I hate buying 3-4 ounces a month I wish I would have saved all that money.
  2. Maybe you actually have an anamide/serotonin deficiency? There is a big difference between your body functioning better on weed and being addicted to it. If you were clinically addicted, you wouldn't be able to go 24 hours without it, and you'd have typical withdrawal symptoms.
  3. yeah i agree with above about that difficiency. if u started smoking heavy when you were young your brain stops producing these endorphins or whatever that make you happy, and only weed can jump start your endorphins.

  4. if this is true I hate the world.. because it troubles me so muuuuuuuuuuuch to even go 2 days without it...

    but then when I get high I get depressed because the peak of the high lasts ~ 20 minutes then I just have heavy eyes. It is starting to become a lose / lose situation

    My best friend who smokes just as much as I do said it isn't that bad quitting but he is smoking oxy almost everyday now... So I think that takes the edge off of gettin high for him.

    if anyone can relate please let me know
  5. Oh - try a different type of weed. You're probably getting indicas, which do make you sleepy. If it's a serotonin issue, sativas will make you feel great. Also, try edibles. I like to make pills because they last several hours instead of an hour or so.
  6. edibles dont do much for me and as far as strains go i switch it up as much as possible
  7. no one else?

    thought so
  8. #8 Dum Dum Boy, May 18, 2010
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    A quarter pound a month is insane. You may have went overboard IMO. Go on antidepressants, maybe? It's not so bad, I took Zoloft for 6 months and it made me less emotionally sensitive. Abilify seems to be even better in that respect.
  9. Unless it's low quality, that is a LOT. It's got to get pricey, too. Seriously though, if you're concerned (and it sounds like you are at least a little) it's worth talking to your doctor. Make sure something else isn't going on that is screwing with your mood and causing headaches.
  10. I think you're overthinking it. I haven't been smoking lately so I can get a job finally and the first 3-5 days are just shit. I want to smoke so bad, but don't want to blow everything. It's all in your head man. You might WANT to smoke, but you don't NEED to. Just don't think about it so much and try to get your brain in a different place. Trust me, the sober life sucks, but I know for me it will all be worth it in the end.
  11. It's the 3 day hump man. They say it applies to ciggarattes, untrue, but it most definatley applies to weed. When I take a break from smkoing I find that the first two or three days is killer, I want bud, and if I have money, I may break and get some lol. But it's really all in the mind; if you really want a break, after three days, you'll be alright till you smoke again
  12. You got a girlfriend? And if you do does she please you often? If so, you shouldn't have problems taking a break from weed. If not......well all I can say is keep yourself preoccupied. (Jerk your yerk more often.... -_-)
  13. i think after the rough couple few days of being sober, u will feel great, be more happy, and might enjoy it better than being high...
    its just mind over matter man...if u really wanna break ull do it
  14. yeah, if you quit smoking now. in 1 week youll be fine. you might not eat a lot, or sleep great for a bit, but you will be back to normal quickly.. have a beer instead of smoke?
  15. Stop worrying so much.
    I've had to stop several times, and the first time I felt the way you do. You aren't addicted, you just need to be motivated and really want that sobriety. It will be about 3 days and nights before you will return to usual eating and sleeping habits, at least that's how it is for me.
  16. Uh, dude, I really hate to point out the obvious here, but this is very well likely a quantity problem.

    How about you first cut back on the number of times you're hitting the bong each day first.

    Perhaps when you're cutting back on your usage, focus on cutting back until you only are hitting one bowl in the evenings(remember that MJ use releases a ton of serotonin, which is what is likely causing the sleep issues when you go without).

    Then, consider some other supplements that contain serotonin to help you sleep at night when you finally cut out that evening bowl.

    That should be a good start, but seriously man, cut back on the quantity. 3-4 oz/month?!? Damn...
  17. damn this is weird because I go through about the same amount of bud as you do in the same time frame however I share it with my g/f and brother so yea. For me though I dont feel so much addicted at all, like I feel i could stop if I really wanted to but thats just it right there you have to really want to stop in order to stop but if I was to quit or go on a T-break for a while its really only because I barely even get high anymore so its like im gonna have to stop soon or else smoking weed will be pointless for me lol. But it seems that the average turn around time is about 3-4 days of sucking before your good to go again.
  18. I smoke about a gram a day of dankss couple bowls bowl meaning quater gram per bowl gets me fucked.

    from previouse experience stoping smoking for a tolence jobs whatever heres it is

    never get a headache. but dont eat or sleep good for a couple days and ulll be back to good after a week and like u never smoked after a couple weeks.

    seratoin precusers supplments availbe at wallmart called 5HTP

    hope this helps
  19. I have never thought of qutting untill the other day. My brother and his friend came over to my house. Me n my bro split a blunt I was talking to bro about how long he would be high for because it doesn't last very long for me, his friend chipped in and said to me "You don't even look high as him, it looks like it just makes you normal." Now that sparked something in my head it didn't make me mad but I couldn't stop thinkin about how this is so true and I still can't stop thinking about it.
  20. The three day hump myth is such bullshit. I quit cigarettes a little over two weeks ago, and I still feen for that bullshit, I even have weird dreams where I spark up a stoag, which is weird because I NEVER have dreams. They smell disgusting to me and I still want them, someone (I don't remember who so don't get on my ass if it's not credible) said people who have been smoking cigarettes for a long time (i've only been smoking 6 or 7 years, that's not a lot compared to most,) could get withdrawal symptoms up to 8 months later that shit is fucked up. Cigarettes are both physically and psychologically addicting, so the physical addiction may be easy to deal with but that psychological shit will phuck with you. Weed on the other hand for me was not so difficult for me to quit, I had 10 days of intense suck-assness the first time I tried to quit, where I could not eat or sleep. I bought these weird protein shakes to balance out the whole not being able to eat thing, and popped a 1/2 mg of xanax to go to sleep at night. Not nearly a habit-forming dose. Most people will never experience that kind of bullshit, I was way overdoing it. When you start blazing before every meal and before you got to sleep that's where you begin to get problems. Anytime you begin to use that shit repetitively.

    ^^ blown:smoke:

    haha this is just wrong

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