It's really pointless I think...

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  1. Every so often, me and my friends get newfound inspiration to go out and see something cool, we drive, going nowhere in particular, really there are a lot of great spots in my area, on warm nights where you can sit back in your car, listen to music and bake.

    One such place is the tunnel, it's about 1/4 of a mile long, lying beneath the highway, we later found out it serves as a driveway for some decaying old widower, and the property he had bought back in the day, and refused to move from it... he never leaves his house, at least we've never seen another car coming from the direction of the house.

    We get out of the car sometimes, and walk in the pitch dark, the tunnel is so narrow it allows you just enough room to crawl out an open window of a car when your parked there... anyway so we would just walk, in the dark, lights beam down on us from the grates above-head every time a car passes, but the cars generate this moaning noise as they cross overhead, it's just a cool place...

    So get out of your house, as long as your not in an area where cops are a clear and present threat, and go enjoy those odd corners of the world.
  2. too bad i live in michigan. we have about 4 inches of snow right now where i live...
    i love to adventure outside. i miss it so much. all of my friends are pussies and won't just get dressed up in warm clothes and play. sucks.
  3. The high tonight is -6 degrees celcius. Ands its warm today. The only spots to chill at right now are inside.
    There are some sweet spots to chill at in the summer tho. I live on a river and me and my friends go camping on a large island across from me , thats one of my favorite spots.

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