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Its pretty Gloomy here, whats it looking like where YOU are?

Discussion in 'General' started by Herb N. Haler, May 30, 2009.

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    yea out here in soCal its pretty cloudy and gloomy right now...
    It was all day...
    Been pretty mellow, goin for my 1st bowl of the day....
    Got sum Super Silver Haze rite now, 1 of my top 3 favs so,

    i think imma watch this crazy ass movie (Donnie Darko) cuz i saw the sequel is out,
    1 of those movie days...

    then watch the laker game and hope for a close 2 the series...

    So i was just wondering,

    Hows the weather...?:confused:

    Toke it Eazy.:smoke:
  2. it's been raining all week. was supposed to start clearing up today.. and it did. but now its raining again lol. good times to blaze though.
  3. here it's pretty much blue skies, but partly cloudy. 97º outside. Not too bad
  4. Gloomy and 70 outside. Gonna be about the same for the next few days. =/
  5. it was sunny this morning, flooded this afternoon, and now it's partly sunny with scattered showers, with thunder in the distance.
  6. Nearly 80 and 100% sunny, and I live near Seattle!
  7. My work computer says it is 87.7F with clouds. I dont have any windows so I can't back it up.
  8. i live in southern california as well, its been really overcast all day, gray skies as far as the eye can see. We got a little shower for about twenty minutes and there is currently epic thunder

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