its possible right?

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  1. is it possible that the sun could dry up the THC from the weed?

    and are you aware of that?
  2. No I don't believe its possible because plant is still alive
  3. first medicine for cloning, now the sun drying up the thc??:confused:

    where are you getting your research from?:rolleyes:
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    When the sun is high and blazing and my sensi stars are in full flower, they look like someone sprayed them with oil, and then dew fell on them. Theyre soaking wet, sticky and sparkling with resin and drenched in mind altering goo!!!. Wet, sticky dank, trich covered headbangers!!. The sun makes potent cannabis soaking wet with resin!!!! The more powerful and blazing the sun, the wetter, danker the weed. The only drying that will occur is to your brain after you smoke the trauma inducing dank!!
  5. Haha, as they have said the sun is nothing but good to your growing ladies. The only time you want to shield your buds from the sun is if you are drying them outside.

  6. lol, im still a bit tiny newbie :eek:

    im not ganna spam newbie related threads again :)

  7. haha no man dont worry about it ask away thats what we are here for to clarify your answers:)

    its just that ive never read anything like that when i first started doing research about growing mj
  8. Btw 70's mila kunis is tasty,anyways the resin onthe plant is its protective barrier against the elements if im correct

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