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It's official, guys.... almost!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by theVirtuoso, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Well, folks...

    I've decided to take the plunge and become a caregiver here in Michigan. I'm aiming to make a living, no matter how simplistic it may be, doing what I love and helping people in need.

    For awhile now I knew there was going to be a huge turn-around in my life. I was going to finally grow up and get my act together. This is what I'm going to do; this is what's going to allow me to do all the things I need to be happy.

    Wish me luck, all! I haven't felt so excited about anything in a very long time.
  2. Best of luck to you. I hope you find not only a career, but a fulfilling lifestyle.
  3. Thanks, man. :)

    I'm already well on my way and I have the knowledge to back me up here. The only really thing as of right now are the initial investments, but that soon will be taken care of as well.

    My family has been in a slump that's beyond the capability of describing. All the while I've been trying to find my place in life... I'm going for it, plain and simple. :wave:
  4. No shit im in MI to, I might become a patient some time soon. Just costs some money which I almost got all of it.
  5. Nice dude. Living the dream and all that. :smoke: I wish you the best of luck! :D
  6. Yeah I have a whole plan setup for this. I'm really, really excited to be doing this I can't even begin to explain the joy.

    I'll also be able to work on my writing while I do this, so that's going to be great! My father will be a part of the gig so him and I will be doing some bonding for once in my life.
  7. I think that's sooo cool dude! :wave: Good luck to ya. I wish I could get involved in something like that... wouldn't happen anytime soon. Not in frickity frackity Texas!
  8. good luck, i just built a medical grow room for a buddy of mine that is now a caregiver, and expect to throw down a couple thousand dollars to get everything started.
  9. I already have an extensive, adaptive plan. Along with sources to cover the starting cost.
  10. sounds like your good to go then, hopefully we will be seeing some pictures of the ladys that come out of there
  11. ne specific man, lets here this plan!

    sounds like a good idea!

    soil or hydro?

    how many plants/ patients are you looking to have?

    i will be doing a outdoor grow this summer here in colorado, hoping to have at least 15 patients to grow for.
  12. Well, I can't really get too specific here, but for Michigan the most amount of patients is five. The hardest part is finding five patients that smoke enough for me to make a decent amount of income from. My other source of income will be from an eBay business, selling products from other companies. Probably focusing on women products as that's a pretty successful and growing business online. Coming January I should be working on a farm as well for a bit.

    I actually intend to do this for some time and then make my move with a buddy of mine to Colorado and continue both sources of income.
  13. Props+ and best of luck :hippie:
  14. Hahahahaha until this post I thought you were talking about like starting up a home for the elderly or something...just had no idea you were talking about cannabis care:laughing:

    and nice one for doing this, sounds like a great idea!

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