It's natural for opposites to attract.

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  1. Here's my hypothesis:

    Opposites attract for a reason.

    Humans, along with all species, have an innate desire to evolve and advance their species, and when people of opposites breed -- whether it be oppisite physical or emotional traits -- it creates a more balanced, further evolved offspring which helps our species evolve.

    I am well aware that opposites attracting is widely known, but I'm not sure if this hypothesis as to why opposites attract has already been constructed.
  2. I think they attract because humans have a desire to fuck... I know when I hook up with girls I'm not thinking about our offspring. :rolleyes:

  3. Here we have a specimen who thinks on a lower, more primitive level.

    As you can see, this specimen has an innate desire to mate relentlessly, unaware that this desire will inevitably cause him to unwantingly impregnate a female specimen in early adulthood, ending the male specimen's desires of living a luxorious life.
  4. hahaha okay pal this isn't You're the one saying that opposites come together to make better offspring that are overall balanced. An overall balanced child is not necessarily better. You actually have no logic in your hypothesis and its a pathetic attempt at sounding intelligent.

    Humans do not enter relationships thinking about making the species as a whole a better one. That might in fact be the gayest thing I have read today.

  5. He's talking about your sub-conscious mind... is that still gay?
  6. We don't understand enough about the sub-conscious mind to be making any realistic statements about it. So yes, I still find it gay.

  7. Who's we? Sounds like you're trying to speak for everyone.
  8. I'm speaking in terms of the human race just as you did in your original post, Nice job.

  9. So you really think we do not know a whole lot about the human subconcious (although a lot is relative)?

    Here's some info from a very quick google search:

    So maybe you don't know a whole lot about the subconcious mind, but the information is out there.
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    haha whatever man, I was just being a cunt to be a cunt because I'm bored. Either way in my opinion there is a lot more to it than just bettering the human race. We might make these choices subconsciously but those choices are also affected by our conscious thoughts as well.

    Although your hypothesis may be partially correct there are more factors to it than that.

    edit: one thing about your post I really did not agree with though is the part about opposites breeding to make an over-all more evolved human. Also, by this logic that offspring who is now inbetween those two can't have an opposite in the same sense. Is that offspring supposed to breed with an offspring of two similar people then?

    Do all offspring just keep breeding until all of the bad traits are weeded out? Maybe in thousands of years but with the way humans are advancing in the medical field, and our moral obligation to not kill off retards I'm sure the negative human traits which hold us back will remain evident for many years to come.

    I'm sorry for being a dick though simply to be a dick, that is not okay.
  11. the OP is completely correct. the more different you are from your mate the more variety and therefore resistance to more disease will result in the offspring. ye opposites do attract even people dudes you just gotta stop looking at a female as a vagina and start looking at the whole..bud should help with this so vape up

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