It's my birthday

Discussion in 'General' started by zamrambo, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. 21st.

    But I have a court date coming up.

    Smoke one for me.
  2. happy birthday man! smokin a bowl for ya now :smoking:
  3. Now you can drink at least! Happy Birthday man
  4. happpy brrrday mayn...this ones for you
  5. Happy B-Day man. I'm dry at the moment, but I'll be burnin a few for you later
  6. Mine was yesterday, happy birthday to you, deff will light one up for ya ;)
  7. Happy birthday, dude.
  8. happy bday bruh.

    Go get wasted and piss on the courthouse steps while yelling "I got your drug test right hereeee!!!"

    Then of course you flee and start anew in another country.
  9. Well I would smoke for you but I don't smoke anymore so I guess the next time I use my Super Head Honcho I'll just think of you
  10. Happy Birthday Man! :bongin:
  11. happy birthday bro, these next few bowls are for you.
  12. A blunt in your honor when I get home in a couple hours
  13. Happy B day dude, sorry about the court date , hope it's nothing too serious
  14. Happy Birthday! If you drink, be wise, be safe...
  15. I have one snap left. Im going to rip it for you brotha!

    Have a good night, whether it be eventful or relaxing. :smoke::wave:
  16. happy bday bro. mines tmorro

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