It's my birthday!

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  1. Alright, well not yet, but in about 2 hours and 20 minutes it will be.

    But there's a problem, I have nothing to fucking do -_____- Maybe I'll just smoke all day and get super fucked up. Nothing really cool about your 20th birthday anyways, I guess lol.

    I just broke up with my girlfriend, and lost my best friend because of it, so I have nothing to do.

    Can somebody give me any good ideas about what a lone stoner can do for his birthday?
  2. How did you lose your best friend breaking up with your girlfriend?
  3. Have yourself a big steak dinner if your not vegan and a a pint of good beer if your 21 and buy yourself something you've been wanting for a long time.

    Happy birthday!
  4. Damn, that sucks man, but enjoy your birthday anyways.
  5. ^^this
    Except for me
    Minus the pint of beer.
    Maybe something just real good, like a snapple ice tea maybe

  6. Eh, not as good of a friend as I thought. Sure you know the rest. :/

    I definitely dig the steak dinner idea! And I'm not, but well, I think I might have a drink anyways :)

  7. Thank you for the birthday wish!!
  8. Cook yourself a great meal. Have a few drinks and hoots. Go on an adventure, see what sweet place you can scope out.

    If you can fly solo, hit up the club. You'll meet people there.

  9. Ah shit i know where you're going...sorry man that sucks. hope you still have a good bday though!
  10. finger ur buthole
  11. I've never understood the need to announce it is your birthday. :confused_2:
  12. Happy birthday op! Get super baked and eat a nice meal then follow up with whatever the fuck you want! its your birthday man, enjoy it. :D

  13. The purpose of this post was to get ideas for my birthday, if you would've read my whole post.

    Thanks everyone else for the birthday wishes!
  14. Been there buddy! Shit happens, bitches be bitches lol

    Since you're under 21 just smoke up and kick it by yourself. Get couch locked-high and put in your favorite game or watch some funny movies. Or possible hit up some acquaintances and try to find a little party going on, since you're single and your best friend screwed you over it sounds like it's time for a new group of people to chill with anyhow.

    Just do what makes ya happy, and happy birthday man!
  15. Happy bday man!
    just do things that you enjoy. Take it as your special day and pamper yourself :D
  16. Happy b'dayyyy ... Man, you're a baby ... You gotta be smilin n laughin ... Fuck, have a ball, alone or not ... Get baked, do anything that you wanna do when you feel like doin it ... That'll make you happy ...

    Loadsa love, smiles n joy your way! :wave:
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    Thanks man! I was actually just in the process of hitting up some old friends to see what's the haps for tonight, so it looks like I'll have a better group of people to chill with. And, on top of that, looks like this girl I know from work is into me, and it's pretty mutual so it looks like this birthday is going a lot better then thought :) and thanks for the birthday wishes man!!

    Thank you also to the two previous posters for the birthday wishes, PEACE AND LOVE!
  18. Happy birthday!!!! I Disagree that there is nothing good about turning 20. Dude imagine turning 40. Celebrate your youth, embrace the day and do whatever the fuck you want. This is YOUR day. Happy Birthday again, have a great one!

    P.S. this may sound bad but congratulations on losing that friend, he seems like he wasn't a true friend anyways. Now you can find newer, cooler people to surround yourself with!
  19. Happy birthday bro! This bowl is for you. :hello:

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