its my b-day tomorrow

Discussion in 'General' started by jbToker, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. So its my birhtday tomorrow, i ahve been planning this day for over a week now and finally today all the elements that i need for tomorrow have come togather.

    Weed; Check and double check: Just when i had given up all hope of having any on my birthday the gods of weed bestoed upon me such great fortunes of weed. I had been calling all the people i know, serchaing for that elusive herb. I was wanting an ounce of swag , but no one who had any. Then yesterday I got the word from my main man that he had some really kick ass kine bud , so of courseI went over and bought a 1/4 sack for $100. I smoked one bowl of it, which got me pretty riped. Yet the real kicker is that today i got a call from my other guy, who it turns out to have an ounce to sell me. I jump at this offer, and now I have an ounce of really good swag and less then a 1/4 sack of kine bud for my birhtday

    my plans for tomorow are as follow:

    Wake and Bake
    Play frisbee golf -smoke about 4 j's between me and my buds
    Go eat at Deep Fork Grill -a really good place to eat
    Smoke more
    Go see a movie--not sure which, any sugestions would be helpful
    Go home, party with my friends
    Pass out
  2. sounds good man, have fun and happy birthday :)
  3. basically how i spent my last birthday
  4. go see saw 2.. its bad ass. damn that is the way i am gunna celebrate my b-day.. of probation and turning 20..................nice
  5. hope you have a happy birthday, and it sounds like you will. i would suggest seeing saw 2 or the new harry potter movie
  6. i'll put one in the air for ya homey

    right now

    oh man its a honey dutch
  7. whoa . its my birthday today..... i just got done playing golf , and i am stoned as fuck. I meet up with my buds at the park, we start smoking a bluint that one of 'em rolled that took us half way through the game to smoke up , then i pulled out the kine bud j i had rolled finished that up after hole 12. we finished the game up then went and smoked a party bowl in a friends car... man the day is just starting and already i am so high..... but i got my plans set ..later i will go see that new harry potter movie then who knows what the night will bring:smoke:

    ill get back with y'all later let you know how the night went

  8. Ill smoke a bowl for your b-day.


    "In the early days all I hoped was to make a living out of what I did best. But, since there's no real market for masturbation I had to fall back on my bass playing abilities." - Les Claypool
  9. hell yeah im burning one in honor of your bday.
    do the same for me - next friday
  10. Happy birthday!

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