it's late, and I'm lonely

Discussion in 'General' started by Dying Giraffe, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. I need a hug

    tried going to post on the fuck off thread, but i'm not angry. I'm just yearning for a hug.
    no one's awake to hug me. I havn't been hugged in so long, like a month or something.
    some friends hugged me goodbye but that's different.

    i need some female companionship.
    i need some empathetic female hug healing.

    that's why i love women
    because even though they're so different from me, they can always take my pain away with a hug and/or a kiss.

    a nice long make-out session would be perfect... it has the perfect mix of hugging and kissing.


    i've just been up all night and am hungering for it. just venting some. trying to get it out of my mind

    I miss my ex. I mean, i'm over her and all, i just miss having a girlfriend. she left me for another guy, so that was a major dent to my confidence. Unless a girl approaches me, i don't think i'll have anyone to hug for a while, because I'm still hurting from rejection.

    i guess i'm not over it as much as I thought. This sucks. it's been more than a month.

    For some reason i feel comfortable talking about this with people I have never met, and I can't talk about it with my closest friends.

    I'm addicted to loving. I love that feeling. i love to love. The best feeling is when you are with your significant other and you feel complete.

    the loving embrace of a woman is something that beats all drugs in the world to me.

    i'll turn once again to Tool for inspiration


    So familiar and overwhelmingly warm
    This one, this form I hold now.
    Embracing you, this reality here,
    This one, this form I hold now, so
    Wide eyed and hopeful.
    Wide eyed and hopefully wild.

    We barely remember what came before this precious moment,
    Choosing to be here right now. Hold on, stay inside...
    This body holding me, reminding me that I am not alone in
    This body makes me feel eternal. All this pain is an illusion.
  2. I would help ya, but im not like that;)

  3. yeah, i'm not that way either. and besides, guy hugs are way different from girl hugs
  4. i don't know what to tell you man . . . it's a god given curse that all guys have to go through pain, suffering and lonliness in life . . . that of wich women could never really understand.

    It's every poor sap's story in life at one point or another. I know I've been there.
  5. and i'm there right now!!!

    you can have a *guy hug* if you want :p but it's true. they're more of a friend hug. not like a *you're hot so hug me hug*

    more Tool for you..

    If there were no rewards to reap,
    No loving embrace to see me through
    This tedious path I've chosen here,
    I certainly would have walked away
    By now
  6. i must keep reminding myself of this.
  7. yes :)

    i've not had a girlfriend for about 6 months(ish) now...
    and as lonely as i am most days, you just have to remember one thing

    don't go looking for a girl. let the girl come to you.
    you've probably heard it before.. but just remember it. you won't be alone forever.

    two of my girlfriends left me for other guys. one dumped me and went back with her ex (who had cheated on her before and has since cheated on her again. more fool her) the other girl didn't even dump me. she just started going out with another guy right in front of my face and acted like it's the *done thing*.

    so keep your head up mate!
  8. poor guy! if i was around i'd give ya hug.

    **hugs and kisses***

    try to feel better, things will come around. it's spring! love will be just lookin for ya and hit you right in the face before u even know it.
  9. Awwww, poor Giraffe!!!

    ((((((((Dying Giraffe)))))))) HUGS FOR YOU!!!!! ;)

    I could use some good quality hugs too, dude! I'm not really lonely because I have too many people around me all the time. I guess I just kind of miss what you get when you look into somebody's eyes who really fucking digs you and who you really dig and you just feel feel what they're feeling and you know that it's for real and good and the world seems kind of least for the moment.
  10. Hey dude, I know what your feeling.. I have quite a post in store too!

    I don't know what's better anymore... I'm 18 and I've had 7 girlfriends, 5 of which cheated on me or left me for another guy. It's not a good thing... Kind of makes you hurt all over... I didn't trust women for a long time, and I guess I still don't, really. I used to be so insecure when I got a new girlfriend because of that, but I'm not really anymore... Stuff happens for a reason... But hey, it's not even that.. Really, the only reason I'm not so insecure anymore, is because while I care about a girl while we're going out, I don't care at the same time. It's hard to explain... I guess I just do whatever the fuck I want to now, except cheat, And I don't give a crap about what my girlfriend thinks... I mean, why should I conform because I'm afraid she'll leave me? I've had my heart broken so many times I'm quite spiteful now... I just sort of think to myself "I'm the heartbreaker now, I'm the one who makes the other feel like shit." But that's not even true... If they feel like shit because of things I do, it's their own fault... Because I do things for my own reasons now. But that really has nothing to do with what you're talking about. Shit!

    I don't know dude... Just keep your head up and act yourself.. It may take a while, but a girl will find herself your way.. Keep acting yourself... If she leaves you, it's because she didn't like what you had to offer, but at least you know what you were offering her was really you, not some made up version of you. You'll weed through them that way, and eventually, you'll find the right girl. One that really likes you for who you are and shit. Good luck man.. Keep your head up!
  11. i think theres a universal low that everyone goes through right as spring comes along....its a horrible time for people with noone to love
  12. I'm afraid I'm going to have to group hugging a dead giraffe in the same category as licking beavers..............WILDLIFE ABUSE!

    Ok. Two points of advice.

    1.Unless you look like, and can brood like James Dean, give it up. No better way to keep yourself alone than by being a brooding man who does'nt look like James Dean.

    2.Agreeing with D9, just go on with your life, be happy with who you are. All of the other stuff will take care of itself. She'll be along directly.
  13. hey, thanks to all for the kind words.

    I'm feeling much better. These things come and go.

    thanks again :)
  14. ohhhhh.... thats so sweet:) i have never heard a guy say something like that.. thats so cute!* hugs and kisses * hope u feel better!
  15. heres another sweet girl hug.
    an a little kiss on the cheek too

  16. Here's another girl hug....

    (((((Hugs for Dying Giraffe)))))

    *****and some kisses too*****
  17. Well I guess that proves once again that I have no idea what I'm talking about it. Told ya not to brood, and here ya got 'em lining up for ya!!

    Must remember this..................
  18. Lucky Bastard;)
  19. *yay for the Giraffe* :D

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