Its just a bad idea.

Discussion in 'General' started by The Green Man, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. So yea firstly Im really stoned lol. Im going to talk about something I think is stupid, and we all know how this can go lol. :smoking:

    So I think traffic lights are a really bad idea, just the whole intersection thing is horrible. It costs us how much in travel time, even more so in my city were light timing and the length of lights is horrible. In the middle of the night you can roll up to a light in the middle of no where that makes you wait a good 2 minutes, which is forever when your stoned and trying to get home lol. I think we should just go with a system of overpasses and bridges for all streets thus eliminating the need for traffic lights. Of course we would still have 4 way stops in our neighboorhoods though. The only con I could think of with this system is it wouldn't be possible to make a left on most streets, instead just a bunch of right turns around a block or 2 lol.

    Any improvements and or input would be great. :D

    Keep in mind Im really stoned and I think its a great idea right now lol. :smoke:

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