It's great to be here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dying Giraffe, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. in my limited time here at this forum, I'd have to say that it is awesome.

    i'm a huge tool fan, hopefully many of you feel the same :-D.
  2. Welcome to the city!!!
  3. Hey man... What's up? Welcome to the city... Smoke a J for me.

    My shadow... My shadow's shedding skin... My shadow.
    Tool - Forty-Six and Two

    Does that answer your question? :)
  4. awesome! Im excited to see such a big tool fan as I am here! ive been hooked on ticks and leeches lately..cant get enough of that song. have you heard that Maynard is going to do another side project!!! (not APC) im not sure when hes moving on it, but its happening sometime soon..exiting! welcome to the city!
  5. Welcome to the City!

  6. The drums in "ticks and leeches" are insane! I haven't heard anything about a new side project, but that would be cool. I'd rather have another Tool album tho!

    Another album = another tour

    another tour = live tool

    live tool = well, words can't really describe it.
  7. i dont listen to alotta non-rap, but tool is def one of the rock I listen to, thaT n metallica, pantera, disturbed.
  8. tool is ok..... i like old school rap, and rock & roll... welcome!

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