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  1. right i have a plant that has just started to preflower. I also have 2 other females in preflower. The one I cant tell wich is fem or man has little tiny ball just starting to form on the nodes. Heres my question do the white hairs come up at first sing or not. The one I cant tell has no hairs and if it male i want to rip it NOW because 1 of the fems is in a smaller pot than this one. does it sound male.
  2. is it a cluster of balls? or does it appear to have two ball like clusters opposite side of each other?
  3. no there just 1 little ball on either side but not on all nodes and these balls are tiny like 1/2 mm big. What do you rekon male or should I just hold out for a coupple more days. But this fem I want to replce it with is so small it only has it's first set of five and it is alredy starting to bud. ill just go mesure it. It is just under 10 cm so thats 100mm. It is so much smaller than most of the plants I see. This is not normal right
  4. how long has it been vegn for? did you see my outdoor, that things less than a foot, im not sure what that is in metrics, sorry, anyways, its trained all to hell, and flowering, so your smallest can and will still flower, just dont expect a large harvest. i cant say for sure if you have a fem, but ive notice the little pod like thinks on opposite sides of each other are much more of an indication that it could be fem, thats how my preflowers developed. have you thought of force flowering? you would really be sure what youre dealing with in a weeks time
  5. I dont know on forceing flowering outdoors. how is it done? I just leave them in a nice sunny place that gets about 6 hours of direct light a day. but there is a light flurecent light that is on should I move them from the light at night or what
  6. you can if you want, i read that moving the plant causes stress, i dont believe it because i move mine all the time. im actually flowering in an un used converted dryer. works really good. i get up at 545 every morning, 6am the plants out the dryer into the backyard. 6pm back into the dryer. a box or basically anything you can use to prevent light getting to the plant for 12 hours will work. i dont know where you live, but you have maybe 2 mos to flower left in this part of the us.
  7. yeah spring is just around the corner here so I thought I would get in early. 4plants started with 9 oh yeha and there is another i forget about all the time it is so small it has 3 set's of 3 leave and get a new set like ever2 weeks. They have been veging for about a mounth and all but 1 has a sing of sex. Geting up at six is not my best of things so I might have to work on that.

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