Its gonna sound crazy, but just follow me on this..

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  1. As the title says..

    Anyway, Im sitting here smokeing. And I was thinking about how crazy the world has become and my mind came up with an interesting (Atleast to myself) analogy.

    So in the bible you got God. He has angels. One of the angels falls from god and becomes the devil.


    So on Earth you have Europe. Europe had colonies. One of the colonies (USA) released itself from European control.

    Maybe Im just high. :smoke:
  2. We are the devil?
  3. I actually like this. Will go into further thought tonight haha
  4. [quote name='"buddahtoker"']We are the devil?[/quote]

    To many people... Yes. Bringing death and destruction to foreign lands.
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    Makes total sense metaphorically.

    We are the beast.

    We invented harmful industry, corporations, etc.

    America invented crimes against humanity.

    Also note the entire world is following our footsteps, music fashion movies industry.

    It's sickening, wish countries would forfeit own thing.
    It's embarrassing to see my native country adore rap.
  6. [quote name='"Flemian"']

    To many people... Yes. Bringing death and destruction to foreign lands.[/quote]

    Would that make Obama satans spawn? Since his term ends in 2012, the supposed day when our world self destructs and everyone dies lol.

  7. We gave the natives smallpox.

    They gave us tobacco.

    Who killed more?

  8. Smallpox wasn't a choice lol :hello:

  9. sweet sweet tobacco was never a choice, it was destiny

  10. I don't care if you're stoned or not, that is 100% awesome! haha. I was watching something today about Hiroshima and all of the clips of the damage and death etc was so terrible... I agree. Props to you

  11. Hate where hate is deserved.

    Rap is awesome.

    Maybe not kanye, wayne or any of those fools but for real.

    There's awesome rap.
  12. Rap is the junk you hear in the radio. It has no relation to true Hip Hop. I dont listen to the so called "rap"....but hip hop I do..
  13. Real hiphop died before the 90's.

    Most after that is money music.
  14. how did america invent crimes against humanity?

    I'm pretty sure some fucked up shit was going on before the US...Crusade, enslavement of the jews...idk....other shit...
  15. don't be so close minded...

    [ame=]Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPoWeR (Prod. By J. Cole) - YouTube[/ame]
  16. America is fuckin retarded, even us Americans know it. We are, and will continue to mess up this world through globalism and totalitarianism. Its quite unfortunate but the way people are these days, its only bound to continue on the path the elite are aiming for.
  17. [quote name='"HerbSamurai300"']Rap is the junk you hear in the radio. It has no relation to true Hip Hop. I dont listen to the so called "rap"....but hip hop I do..[/quote]

    Completely understand what your saying, it's all mainstream garbage, some are not like that though, most try to mix in that mainstream to get into the industry further and be able to do what they as artists want. Other then that wack rappers will surface over the talented more relatable artists, it's fucking sad and annoying.
  18. I think you mean, Pop;)
  19. We might be the bad guys of this era, but back when America was colonized, Europe was quite the little devil themselves. We only started being real dicks 70 or so years ago (not that we were perfect before then).
  20. rap was good way back when, now it sucks. Thats one reason i listen to country. And Dang another American hate thread an now were the devil. I mean since the U.S. started WWI and WWII. Oh and then gave financial aid to the countries that were falling apart after WWII. Yall every read "The Quiet American" in it the line goes soemthing like, I've never met someone who meant good, but cause so much trouble. We arent the devil, that is all.

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