its fun to smoke with strangers

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by superbudsrcool, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. This happened to my friend and I a little while ago but its kinda a cool story so I thought I would share. My friend and I were about to go see a movie so we were smokin a J in my car in the parkin lot first. As we were almost done with the J we noticed someone looking at us in an SUV facing us. It was relly hard to see the guy cuz it was dark so we were not sure what to think and with our stoner parinoia we instantly thought off duty cop or someone in that type of profession that could bust us. Before we started tweakin to bad the guy turned on his dome light waved a J at us and waved us over. We went over and it turned out the guy just didnt want to smoke alone so of course we joined him and got an extra J and a bowl to smoke with the guy. I have got to say though I was still relly skeched out cuz that would be a relly good way for cops to bust stoners I was just waitin for cop cars to pull up and bust us.

    I hope you all like my story and I wish everyone good luck smokin randomly with stangers.
  2. ya i know what you mean with the whole cop thing, some kid was walking around my neighborhood selling magazines or some shit and he came to my house while i had a few friends over. There were 2 oz's on my table and my door was open so he easily saw them and then he just asked if he could buy some some, so we sold him some and got high with him. The whole time I kind of felt weird but it was pretty cool.
  3. ya man... hes always cool to meet new people hwo share the same love for ther herb that you do.. nice story....
  4. Good story.

    I've never smoked with someone I didn't know, I just don't trust people. ^_^
  5. A couple months ago I was walking past a parked car on the side of a backroad. I walked by and there were two girls in the front and a guy in the back with his head down. The girls said "hi" and i realized the guy in the back was rolling a blunt. They asked if I wanted to join them and they rolled a very fat blunt. We went out and smoked it by a waterfall on a nature trail.

    Btw the guy from the back now sells me weed

  6. That's awesome on multiple levels. Smoking with strangers is an experience, but I absolutely love smoking in parks and protected nature areas.
  7. one of the first times i ever smoked years ago was back at highschool. i was walking home and i took this small trail at my school and near the end i saw 2 people rolling joints. as soon as i pass them, one of them yells "hey, you smoke?" and i said "yeah" so i smoked a joint with them and then went on my way. it was nice.
  8. Smoking with strangers is fun! I'm a night auditor at a hotel (which is awesome) I was training the weekend night auditor, and after we finished his training on the second day he asked me if I wanted to smoke. I said hell yeah..because I couldn't find a source since I moved to go to college. We lit up and then sat in the lobby couches watching t.v. and eating donuts. It was good shit too. It felt like my stomach was ten feet down, It also felt like I had lived in that lobby for 2 years....I dunno maybe you had to be there...stoned

    and this story has a great ending....because I now have a new smoke buddy AND a source for my favorite herb!

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