Its been real, marijuana.

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  1. The time has come where it's time to give up the herb. After a 5 year on and off (last 3 years regular use) it's time to give it up. I lost my job because of the economy this week, and I start college on Monday. I've had the chance to smoke with some amazing people, smoke out of some amazing pieces, and most of all, smoked some amazing weed. Everything from brown mexican brick weed, to OG, Sour D, Strawberry D, Ayeoda, ATF... the list goes on. After getting into a lot of trouble because of pot this summer I realize now that it's not worth it.
    So, people of grasscity. Tonight, in my hands, I've got an 8th of one of the first strains I ever smoked, Sour D. Tonight, I plan to pack a fat bowl in each of the 5 pieces that I own. (2 bongs, 2 bowls, and a big ass gravity bong). I plan to try to get higher than I ever thought imaginable. I ask you guys to join in with me! I'll try to get a few pics if I can.
    This doesn't mean i'm done with pot forever. Just for now. Not so much a goodbye, but farewell for now.

  2. post pics after smoking all that shit. I want updates spaceman .
  3. I've said farewell to pot a few times....I always seem to run into it again a lot sooner than I expected.
  4. well good for you for quitting when you see it becoming detrimental..
    more of a man than me
  5. There is no farewell. Weed brings people together, you're bound to run into it again and when you do, you'll still smoke
  6. I will never say goodbye to pot. When I die,  I will be buried in my back yard and have a garden of weed growing on top of me.
  7. You start college on Monday.? So that means you'll start smoking again on Tuesday right.? Lol
  8. Just do you homie.  It doesn't need to be your whole life where you post about shit like this.  Cool out and enjoy your life.  Don't need to be high all the time.
  9. Dedication.

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  10. Was I the only one who imagined epic music in the background as I read the OP hahaha
  11. sounds like pot smoking has gotten to a level of religious ritual for you.
    you will absolutely come back to it soon. I know you know.
  12. i was so high when i wrote this shit i did too haha. last night was fun as hell
  13. Yeah keep me postes my man! Have a great time at college. Im just saying.... but I feel like your gunna smoke more pot than ever in college hahaha

    Peace and Love

  14. You're my hero dude. 
  15. You sound rediculous.
    If your going to quit just quit.
    Dont make a production out of it.
  16. Good job bro more power to you, my time too is running out for smoking weed (approximately 1 and a half years maybe 2 at most) and it sucks that some of us cant have the privilege to use one of gods greatest gifts on this planet, but life is funny so you never know what might happen so never say goodbye for good (even thought u say its temporarily), enjoy your last THC high and make it last  :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:
  17. "farmer boy" from cali? haha please man you prob aint never touched a tractor a day in your life 
  18. Play nice boys. 
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    Cali has a farm or two.... it's not all Compton.

    Number of Farms: 81,700. Average Farm Size: 311 acres. Total Farmland: 25.3 million acres.
  20. You're so ignorant lol, just because california isn't filled with rednecks doesn't mean that we have no farms

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